Dev: Chinese, Koreans, Japanese Better At Making Next 10 Years Of Games

Cinemablend "Gabriel Leydon, CEO of Addmired, mentioned during a speech at the D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, that the Asian developers are just better at making the next 10 years of games than Westerners"

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Kamikaze1352351d ago

I wish it was true because I really enjoy JRPG games, but I doubt it. Eastern developers have been on a rapid decline in terms of quality when it comes to game development as of late.

jc485732351d ago

I hope that's true too, because it's been pretty slow for them. They used to release a lot "decent" games, but we're not even getting enough of both. They seem to be taking for ever.

hellzsupernova2350d ago

yeah i think Japanese Devs have struggled this gen they did not transfer to HD very well

ATi_Elite2350d ago

Currently playing:

Dragon Nest

with Tera Online on my to get day one list.

So yeah Asian Devs especially South Korea have some quality product out.

ziggurcat2350d ago

other than demons souls/dark souls, LOL. no.

3GenGames2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

No they're not, not even close. Developers of Japanese games usually get it done and work, but don't always take the best path to doing so like most other developers of other parts of the world. Some work VERY well and work for it to work more than just get it done, but most Japanese devs don't do that like other developers from Europe to the USA, which is one big reason why Japanese game devs won't ever make a better game.

madjedi2350d ago

Really because mgs4 a 2008 game, still schools alot western of games even today, better game is subjective to the individual and their preferences.

So have you heard of demons souls or dark souls, both were developed by japanese devs and both were applauded for being unique in it that the game didn't hold you be the hand like a majority of western games do. And actually made you earn your victories, instead of giving them away.

3GenGames2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Games shouldn't hold your hand. That's more of a development choice than taking more power out of the console, which will then lead to better quality games. The game its self is the easy part to make when making games, all the things behind the scenes are far more important, you can't understand if you've never made a game. And when I tlak about this, all is a generalization. Not ALL Japanese devs are bad, not at all. It's just when you have to rate all games from studios on locations of their working, USA devs will beat Japanese devs in the end. There's some crap USA-based devs, some crap Japanese ones too. Some great USA-based devs, and some great Japanese ones too. But, like I said, percentages in total. I mean, Enix is supposed to be one of the best, and has been so disappointing for many, many years.

madara0sama2350d ago

For Koreans they obviously dominate at MMOs because we all know they're addicted to it. Chinese? Do most of them even have a ps3/xbox/wii? Japan is pretty good at some but most are just crap especially if they aren't Capcom or aren't Wii games.

NYC_Gamer2350d ago

They better learn how to advance with the tech or they'll be left behind again

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The story is too old to be commented.