Did Remedy turn up the action dial to 11 in American Nightmare

Did they or didn't they? The question is posed regarding the forthcoming American Nightmare which hits the Xbox Live Arcade in the coming weeks.

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bunt-custardly2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

This is going to be good. The new all out action approach I hope works for Remedy, and the fact that it's a cheaper budget title with any luck it'll encourage the audience it's after to at least try one of Xbox 360's best games, Alan Wake. Which is also now a budget downloadable title in itself.

fr0sty2258d ago

Did "journalist" forget how to use punctuation?

RaidensRising2258d ago

Im in two minds about the action slant as there's a real lack of survival horror games now. With the subject matter, Remedy could have honed the style a bit more to make it work rather than pander to the masses.

coolbeans2258d ago

To be fair, the subject matter in "American Nightmare" is a spin-off on one of Alan Wake's OTHER works (doesn't seem to be tied into the new book titled at the end of 'The Writer' DLC). It doesn't seem to veer off of AW's original style as much as you make it out to be imo.

I always found AW's "survival horror" (if you could call it that) to be more of fast-paced, fluid decisions, rather than hampering player movement with conservative decisions (which works well in the quality horror titles, I might add).

Jobesy2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

@Raiden, "Remedy could have honed the style a bit more to make it work rather than pander to the masses."

Alan Wake was a great game as is but sold poorly, now I don't think they have any other choice than to "cater to the masses" if they want decent sales.

IM_KINECTED2258d ago

Remedy had to limit the story because this is a arcade title and your only allowed to make those so big. I enjoyed the story elements most of all on the original Alan Wake, but I am happy about the buzz Alan Wake is getting now as opposed to the first full game.

Hopefully this is just tiding us over until a full retail release of Alan Wake 2 on either the 360 or the 720.

StrongMan2258d ago

Don't hold your breath for Alan Wake 2. Xbox owners were not interested in Alan Wake judging by the poor sales. Remedy is just trying to get back some off their losses with this arcade spin off. Remedy can't afford to keep losing money by releasing their game on only one system if no one buys it on that system. Just business.

IM_KINECTED2257d ago

Actually Alan Wake has sold almost 1.5 million copies. Not to mention that it was the second most pirated game with almost 3 million copies pirated.

Microsoft agreed to pay for 3 full Alan Wake titles, it was originally going to be on the PS3 and PC, but when Microsoft paid for the rights they own the rights to publish for consoles.

Because they paid so much money for those rights, it means Remedy actually made money on the game before it was ever released.

The first game in a series doesn't always light the world on fire, it's often the sequel that sets the stage.

Alan Wake is an amazing franchise and it looks like this "arcade" spinoff is getting the hype and potentially the sales that the first one didn't get right away.

I look at American Nightmare as the "Case Zero" to lead us into Alan Wake 2. I personally think we'll see more on Alan Wake 2 at E3, could be for the 360 or it could be something for the 720. Either way, Remedy has already said there is going to be more Alan Wake, I for one am excited.

2258d ago
southernbanana2258d ago

I cannot wait to play this but the first Alan Wake was so good I wish they wouldn't change the formula......

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