Alan Wake's American Nightmare Gameplay Video

Check out this new gameplay for Alan Wake American Nightmare.

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gillri2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Can you hear that ? that sound can only be the final nail in the PS3's coffin! LOLLERS!!

PamPoovey2110d ago

All I heard was the sound of one of your bubbles being popped

r212110d ago


gtxgamer22110d ago

Alan wake arcade game? LOL.

BuffMordecai2109d ago

That's some of the worst trolling I've ever seen, now go flail like a retard in front of your Kinect.

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Corepred42110d ago

So what is this? Like an expansion like RDR's zombie mode? Looks pretty neat.

Kran2110d ago

Think of it as one of the XBLA spin offs of Dead Rising.

Kran2110d ago

Whoever played this didn't know how to play the game. You burn away the darkness AND THEN you shoot, not the other way around :)

mcstorm2110d ago

I cant wait for this loved the 1st one and i hope after this we get another full game. This looks good though.

ziggurcat2110d ago

looks good, can't wait.

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