2011 – 5 Games that Deserved Better - Brash Games

Brash Games writes"It happens every year; despite great reviews and solid word of mouth, there is always a small selection of utterly fantastic games that, for whatever reason, completely fail at retail. Be it a poorly chosen release window, an overtly high price point or a lack of advertising, these brilliant, often hugely innovative games criminally fall by the wayside".

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Relientk772325d ago

Rayman Origins is actually really good, I just wish it was a little more zoomed in is all.

Venox20082324d ago

Not sure about Crisis 2, but overall list is great.. All those games are awesome!

JellyJelly2324d ago

Rayman Origins deserved better but for the rest of the list I don't agree. Didn't like any of those games (and yes, I actually played them all).

Tommy3342324d ago

1. Alan Wake

2. Rare Studios

Benjo3212324d ago

I'm all for interesting and unique games, but El Shaddai was a very shallow experience. Behind the beautiful visuals was a dull combat system and a weak story. It didn't deserve better, it should have been a better game.