Vita OS may come in Smartphones and Tablets

According to AV Watch, Kaz Hirai, future Sony CEO, is currently exploring the idea to port the Vita OS to smartphones and tablets.

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Knight_Cid2351d ago

thankfully the games wont be

sinncross2351d ago

Well if this helps improve the OS then I am for it.

I love the OS as it stands but there are little things that ruin it, namely my biggest gripe is how everything has to have a Home screen.

When a click on Settings I want to go to the settings, not the home screen of settings. When I want to see my trophies or use the interent, I dont want to be greeted with the home screen first: I just want to enter the App.

GraveLord2351d ago

They will eventually just like PSP games will.

Elemental_2351d ago

you mean like the 2 games out of 800?

fluffydelusions2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

As a gaming device PSV looks to be awesome. On a smartphone/tablet I don't see it doing so well going up against Android/iOS.

dark-hollow2351d ago

A vita phone running a custom version of android would kill tho.

Knight_Cid2351d ago

your name signifies what your thought is. Just a dellusion. They wont cross over games ever

gamingdroid2351d ago


Sony has almost nil experience with creating "experiences". Even MS is being battered with Windows Phone 7, and they are a operating system software company.

Even Windows 8 for tablets will see stiff competition.

So there is almost no hope Sony's platform will succeed. I think they had a better chance with PS Suite. At least that rides on the success of Android.

Almost all other attempts at getting another OS into the smart phone eco system has failed, the only one remaining is iOS, Android, BB (barely...), WP7 (barely, but growing).

Symbian is dead, so is WebOS and a host of others.

disturbing_flame2351d ago

It's time for Sony to think globally for each device and stop those limiation of vision between internal structures.

it's time to have a global network for example, with same demo and game locations. it's time to rebuild the approach of making game in Japan, not in term of mechanics, games must be the expression of their creators with their cultural background and the appreciation of what they want to show through them. But it's time that during their development Sony build a structure to translate them during the processus of creation in english or foreign langages just to release worlwide at the same time.

It's also the time when they negociate an exclusive game , to negociate with the developer the translation of the game and release it at the same moment in Japan and the rest of the world. Tales of, Ni No Kuni, Whight Knight Chronicles, Yakuza, all these games should habe been translated from their time development. It's time for Sony to understand, synchronicity to have a better impact on the poroduction of their contents.

Globalisation of their knowledges, globalisation of their technology is sure a better way to understand what people want from this company. I don't know if it's too late for them, but it was about time to understand that they need more transparency between all their industrial activities.

Knight_Cid2351d ago

good luck with a dellusion

--Onilink--2351d ago

well if they decide to do it then it better receive some tweaks first, like grouping items together, better multitasking, simplifying and joining some elements that currently are diferent "apps" and overall make things a little smoother.

But overall the look and functionality of the OS lends itself a phone OS

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