WWE '13 Won't Be Released On The PS Vita

It has been revealed by THQ that a PS Vita version of WWE '13 isn't going to be made.

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Darth Stewie2166d ago

Another sign THQ is in trouble.

tarbis2166d ago

Another sign that WWE should look for better developers too.

SandWitch2166d ago

Another sign that WWE 12 will be enough for PS Vita

ninjagoat2166d ago

THQ has been on that slipery path for a while tbh.

NYC_Gamer2166d ago

THQ/Yukes should just take a long break and build up a quality WWE's sad when the newer versions can't compete with the old great N64 WWF/WCW titles.

AttitudeEra962160d ago

@NYC_Gamer 100% AGREED WWF/WCW games did'nt have perfect graphics but STILL have a better control system then SVR. Bring back AKI THQ!