My Favourite NES Memory - Brash Games

Brash Games writes "I could talk all day about some of my favourite NES memories – the day I cleared the end of level flag in Super Mario Bros. (you just get a never ending castle wall), playing Punch-Out!! until my thumbs were sore, realising just how epic Super Mario Bros. 3 really was…..but honestly, if I had to pick just one, one memory above all others, well, that would have to be the day that I got the console itself".

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Colwyn2169d ago

jackal on nes is amazing.

kingPoS2169d ago

Pounding the floor with my fists in World Class Track Meet to beat the chea- um cheetah!

Sgt_Slaughter2168d ago

Try playing Battletoads... YOU WILL GET SO PISSED!!!

BattleAxe2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

I just brought out my NES after keeping it in the crawlspace for the last 17 years, and it works great. I was so excited that I decided to hunt down some classic games that I loved. Heres my library:

- Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt
- Super Mario 2
- Super Mario 3
- Metroid
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Q-Bert
- Donkey Kong Classics
- Jackal
- Bubble Bobble
- Tetris
- Dr. Mario

i decided to trade in Final Fantasy since I knew I'd never be in the mood to play it again, but the cool thing was before i traded it in I fired it up, and my game save from 22 years ago was still there from when I beat the game. I'd like to find Rampage and Spy Hunter next.

Evildoomnerd2167d ago

Watching Master-D's head explode in Bionic Commando. Good times, good times.