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Brash Games writes "With Nathan Burger of Limitless fame due to take over directing duties on the upcoming Uncharted movie from the previously announced David O. Russel, it looks like casting options for Paramount’s big 2013 blockbuster are once again up in the air……and I for one couldn’t be happier".

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PamPoovey2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

For christ sake why do people still want Nathan Fillion after last years comic con and the recent interviews which shows us that NOLAN NORTH, the guy who actually is Drake, would love to play him, even Richard McGonagle who plays Sully said it's really up to the fans to make that happen.....oh but no....where too busy trying to get Fillion the role still. We really only wanted him because we didn't think Nolan North was interested I mean when the movie idea was floating around for the first time he didn't show no interest in the part but suggested Hugh Jackman instead.

I meanI know Fillion is more know but not that much, to a films audience (not a TV audience), there basicaly both no names who wouldn't be able to pull in a massive crowd if used in markting. So why fight for Fillion when you could fight for Nolan North instead.

At least with Nolan if he got picked it would mean Emily and Richard would be chosen aswell, but if Fillion got picked do you really think Emily and Richard would do it without Nolan North....their friend....nope.

If anyone deserves tha role, it's Nolan North and the man who be devestated if Fillion did get picked thanks to fans help, Uncharted fans should want Nolan as there first choice not Fillion.

Skip to 39.18 for the talk on the Uncharted movie....

Veni Vidi Vici2318d ago

If you don't get some known actors, the movie is not going to do well. Nolan North will not bring people to the theaters. Sorry, it won't happen.

I'm not sure Nathan Fillion should happen either because he's starting to get pretty old. If they want to go that route, the women are going to have to be a little older as well. I'm not a fan of movies that put old geezers with young hot women.

Just my opinion though.

Tyre2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Why are people against Nathan Fillion playing the movie version of Drake? He is a great guy and he resembles Drake in more than his looks, give him a shot at least. I love to see Nolan North too, but i think Nathan Fillion will be better for the movie.