Jay Mohr claims Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price "tried to buy his wife"

Comedian/actor/grand wizard Jay Mohr was in Las Vegas this week to host the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards for his seventh year. During an interview with VentureBeat, Mohr had some very interesting claims to make.

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Acquiescence2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Ted Price was on a Quest For Booty and saw Mohr's wife Going Commando. With his Tools Of Destruction he took her Up The Arsenal.

Paragon2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Clanks a lot, Acquiescence, for that image in my head...

MariaHelFutura2168d ago

The Indecent Proposal.

Ted Price is a bit like Robert Redford.

SybaRat2168d ago

I'm thinking Ted Price can do better than Jay Mohr's sloppy seconds.

barefootgamer2168d ago

That was certainly interesting...

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