PS Vita - Stunning Product Shots (unofficial) from the final EU Version

Take a Look at these unofficial and stunning PS Vita Product Shots of the final EU Version. Not Photoshoped and in High Resolution!

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lugia 40002352d ago

These are just photos from the vita and the preorder pack -_-

FriedGoat2352d ago

Yup, I got that box. Just having to wait till the damn 22nd!
Sucks in Europe.


I pre-orderd that too and I am happy :D

MultiConsoleGamer2352d ago

Its a sex machine and its made of sex.

growlancer72352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

The person that disagreed with you is soooo unsexy.
Y U NO B SEXY, unsexy guy?

eXclurel2352d ago

They put the headphones jack to the bottom of the device again? Can't I just put the PSVita vertically on a surface and watch it like that?

brettyd2352d ago

what? where would you like it to be?

brettyd2352d ago

um that would make it a little awkward to hold dont ya think?