Fight For the Lost: Why the Mass Effect trilogy is going out with a bang -

A preview of Bioware's Mass Effect 3 for

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fluffydelusions2197d ago

Trilogy? Didn't they already hint at ME4? Maybe Shepherds trilogy?

denero12197d ago

i don't no why you have 2 disagree i think your right this is the end of shepards story but there will be more games

BiggCMan2197d ago

Mass Effect went downhill for me after the first game. I thought it was an amazing new I.P, very fresh, and then 2 came along and felt like a generic cover based third person shooter like Gears of War. And 3 looks to be even more like a generic shooter with like, Michael Bay set pieces, and fast paced gun-play, a stupid dash move. This is not Mass Effect anymore regardless of the story.

Godmars2902197d ago

Have to agree with you, but then there have always been fundamental problems with trying to present an interstellar adventure from only the perspective of a foot solider.

m232196d ago

My hype level for this game is crazy. I absolutely loved the first two games, looks like they are bringing back some of the RPG elements of the first as well. I can't wait to see how they end the game off.