Kickstarter: The Future of Game Development?

TheParanoidGamer writes: "Double Fine’s attempt to finance an old school adventure game through Kickstarter met with massive success. At the time of this article the project has raised $1,635,090. No I didn’t misplace a comma, the project is well on it’s way to almost 2 million dollars! Considering that $400,000 was the original goal I’d say they slaughtered their original goal. While I’m extremely excited about a new adventure game being made by Double Fine I can’t help but wonder what impact Kickstarter could have on the industry."

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Knight_Cid2170d ago

I sure hope not

Why would I pay for a game to be in dev and then pay for it again at retail?

Neo Nugget2170d ago

Well, you get the actual game if you backed $15+ more, so that isn't really the problem here.

Knight_Cid2170d ago

you think if ea started this it wouldnt be like this

matt19912170d ago

with kickstarted you get rewards from DF depending on how much you backed.

DaveMan2170d ago

I don't think it would work for all games. For big AAA titles, hell no. EA paid 40 million dollars alone is marketing/advertisting for Battlefield 3. Plus 30-40 million to develop the game..Kickstarter wouldn't even scratch the surface for those type of projects..

Though for midtier games will a budget of 10million+ could POTENTIALLY be feasiable. Again it wouldn't fund the whole project (nor it should considering the projects name is KICK STARTER, not KICK my entire project funder)

Voxelman2170d ago

I think that the "world of mass development" system that is being used for project CARS is a better system for games.