PODcast 17 - The Most Definitive Games of this Generation

Pixels or Death's Joseph Rush writes: "The Kinect gets its teeth kicked in as we curb stomp away on the best-selling peripheral. Once our feet get tired, we direct our efforts to listing off the games that have defined this generation. From Halo 2 to World of Warcraft to Angry Birds, we nominate the games that Space Historians will cite as the games that defined us. Enjoy!"

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thedude442345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

demons souls
uncharted 3
gran turismo 5
battlefield 3
and twisted metal ofcourse

eon02345d ago

I'd contend that Forza 4 defines racing better than GT5. In the PODcast though, I think we mention that Gran Turismo 3 is the most definitive (we kinda cheat and leak a little into the last generation).

thedude442345d ago

i would have to strongly disagree.

gran turismo has over 1000 cars (forza does not)

gran turismo has dynamic weather (forza does not)

gran turismo has nascar (forza does not)

gran turismo has go karts (forza does not)

gran turismo does not widen there roads (thats why its a genuine driving simulator)

gran turismo has b-spec mode (forza does not)

gran turismo has better graphics (forza does not)

gran turismo has greatly outsold forza.

dark-hollow2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )


1000 car 800 are outdated ps2 quality cars and a lot of copycat cars (100 version of skylines, etc.)

Forza have deeper customization and tuning.

Forza have better online features (auction house and the ability to sell and buy cars, paints online)

Forza have constant quality all over the game.
Every car and every map looks stunning.

Damage in forza actually harm the performance of your car and not just for decoration.

Each one of them have their pros and cons.

MaxXAttaxX2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

All Forza games this gen were constantly compared to the upcoming(and later released) GT5.

Which game was better is subjective to opinion.
But GT's impact this gen is more "definitive" than any Forza game which came and went.

@ dark-hollow,

Damage in GT5 does in deed affect performance. That was a straight lie.
Not only that, but aesthetic damage in GT5 actually deforms car body parts in real time, not just texture swap.
And whether you think that having 300+ unique premium cars is bad, that just your opinion.

@ eon0,

The word "definitive" has quickly lost its meaning after Forza 3 and is simply a silly claim.
No OPINION is definitive. It's like trying to pass opinions based on personal taste and preference as fact.

Arnon2345d ago

Forza Motorsport 4

Gran Turismo 5

It's not THAT subjective. In fact, Forza 4 scored almost 10 points higher on average. GT5's premium car quality is nice, but I'd rather take that sort of quality for the whole game, than just a portion of it.

And the impact of GT5 isn't exactly that of a good one. People were hyping the "definitive racing title" as the core PS3 game to buy and to purchase a PS3 for, for it's fantastic graphical capabilities, unparalleled quality, etc., and it vastly under-delivered for the majority, showcasing bullshots from the photo mode that had resolutions completely blown out of proportion.

kaveti66162345d ago

Okay, guys. Another Forza versus Gran Turismo squabble.

MaxXAttaxX2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

I'm not talking about scores from Metacritic.
Why don't you bring up sales while you're at it. . . oh right.

Anyway, you missed my entire point about the impact the games made. GT5 was HUGE this gen, more than Forza 3 and 4 combined. Maybe you should re-read my previous post.

Arnon2345d ago

I'm pretty sure 60% of my last comment was directed towards the "impact" Gran Turismo 5 had on the industry.

dark-hollow2345d ago

What "impact" exactly?
The only impact is from disappointment.
That not from me only.
Reviews, even a lot of threads started on gtplanet when it released.
Not because its bad but the hype was too big.

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Septic2345d ago

As much as I like Twisted Metal, I don't think it can be described as 'definitive'.

I would say Uncharted for breaking that barrier between cinema and gaming.

Call of Duty for bringing a more 'core' based game (fps) to the masses and popularising gaming (whether or not it is a good or bad thing).

Forza for the definitive racing game.

World of Warcraft for MMOs.

Skyrim for RPGs possibly.

thedude442345d ago

see my comment above for forza.

hudsoniscool2345d ago

halo 3, mass effect series, uncharted 2(havent played 3), mgs4, skyrim. cases could be made for other games like gears 1 or 3, oblivion, fallout 3, and bioshock thats about it.

thedude442345d ago

@forza is king, prove me wrong. you proved nothing, you have no facts to show.

@dark hollow, ps2 quality cars, yeah right the cars look fantastic, deeper customization, i can agree with that, and gt has damage aswell.

kaveti66162345d ago

You know the (only) clever thing about "Forza_is_King's" ; username is that when you mention it in your post, it sounds like you're agreeing with his views.

2344d ago
LX-General-Kaos2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Mario Galaxy is the definitive platformer of this generation. Uncontested by anything others have to offer.

Starcraft 2 is the Definitive RTS of this generation.

eon02345d ago

Maybe if Mario Galaxy could be played with a controller that doesn't have 8 angular corners around the joystick.

patrickwlindsey2345d ago

I still maintain that Halo 2 is more "definitive" than Halo 3 because it basically brought the online gaming craze to the forefront. Call of Duty more built on the base that Halo 2 created than created its own thing.

MPScrimshaw2345d ago

Halo 2 took 18 days, 23 hours of my life, hours that I'd never trade. I don't know if it was because it was the first legitimate online experience I ever had that I consider it the best, or if it really legit deserves that honor, but I'd like to believe it does. In the least we can establish that it is the foundation on which console online shooters were built.

h311rais3r2345d ago

I made too many friends on halo 2 live. It was the main reason consoles succeeded in online gameplay.

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