Love in Video Games

Brutal Gamer's Troy ponders love in videogames as Valentines day approaches. He writes:

Did you know that Valentines Day is just a couple of days away? Whether you’re the lonely heart, the sickening new lovey couple who hold hands and make out in public, or the grizzled old veterans who have been lovin’ each other for years, decades, or centuries (uh, congrats vampires overlords!), we here at Brutal Gamer salute you.

Video games have always been an escape from real life. Most of the time we’re running over prostitutes on the streets of Liberty City, shooting people in the face in the name of honor and freedom in Call of Duty, or killing dragons and absorbing their essence in Skyrim. But video games aren’t always about violence, murder, and mayhem. Sometimes there’s a story to tell — a love story.

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Dan502260d ago

Katawa Shoujo is a great example :D