Video Gayming… or the lack of…

LGBT in Gaming… (more on a rant about the lack of standard homosexual males).

Homosexuality is always a touchy subject… for some reason? And whilst it’s certainly had its headlines in movie, TV, music and certainly theatre it’s never really broke through in video games. Back in the 80s, you’d struggle to find an arcade cabinet where any male character wasn’t dressed head to toe in spandex and looking sharp, whilst all females were tightly covered up… now everyone is buffed up, breasts are literally punch bags (not that I’m complaining) and biker hats and leather have been eradicated.

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you put too much into your gaming experience...

killerhog2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Get ballet of gay tony and gayly play it. While homosexuals and females are the minorities in the video game community expect developers to cater to heterosexual male populace.


Since you want to use "gayming" I'll use 'gayly' which is another variation of gaily.

bladednuisance2345d ago

they dont have gay characters for a reason, it has no effect on story, gameplay, quality, or any other aspect of gaming. think about it, a gay character should not be portayed to be any different from a strait one (as doing so says that you think that gays really are different from straits, which once you say that, you are justifying all the gay bashing, and hate crimes that we see and denounce as morally corrupt), as being gay has no effect on ones mindset or views of the world, what you are really asking for is a flaming, overdamatic, male, who by trying to appear as a female, becomes extremely annoying, through an intentionally high voice, the hand gestures, the list goes on, trying to immitate a females behavior... sorry guys ive never met a girl who acts like that!

as far as the game itself, think voice acting, choice of actors is limited to number of gays, and or people who can do a good gay voice, which with a smaller amount of people capable of voicing the character, cost of paying the actor rises, think animations, you cant just give them the same walk, they gotta walk gay to, so now there is a whole new set of animations that must be done, etc... the cost is too high (sounds rediculous, but its actually quite logical)

most game characters dont even have a sexual orientation per say. Ive played an uncountable number of games, where sexuality is not displayed in anyway, i wont bother with a list of games that have no romance of any kind or indication of sexual preferance of any character, because its the majority. when aspects of a charater are entirely missing, its up to the interpreter to tie up loose ends. if you want a gay character, figure hes gay, want a strait one, cool, picture it that way, since nothing indicates otherwise, you are right

most importantly though (as f***ed up as it is), FINANCIAL RISK, the fact that if you release a game with a gay main character, all the homophobes will boycott it! which means VERY weak sales, thus a loss of money, and we all know how persuasive money is in this industry.

in short, gays in games, would cost MORE, and theyd result in LOWER sales, & the combination of both would be disasterous for the dev/publisher

lastly when playing a game i dont give a s*** if he takes it from behind, as it is irrelevant to the expierience, sexuality doesnt even cross my mind when gaming.

that being said, im left curious as to why it is so important to you?

dont take me wrong im not bashing gays, but just pointing out the effects it would have

Smashbro292345d ago

Who cares?! Nothing gets added if they are gay. Freaking special interest groups.

stevenhiggster2345d ago

Not this again I totally agree with you Bladednuisance. I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Who cares if a games main character is straight or gay!? How do they know there isn't more gay characters in gaming? How does anyone know that Sev from KZ isn't gay? How do they know Gordon Freeman isn't gay? I could go on but you get the point.
We don't need to know their sexuality because it brings nothing to the game!

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