January 2012 Game of the Month Awards | Trendy Gamers

Trendy Gamers: These awards may be happening a little late, but when three games launch on the final day of the month, it takes some time to properly finish them all and review them. So, here are our (better late than never) January 2012 Game of the Month Awards.

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Myst2262d ago

Eeh not so keen on NFL Blitz but to each their own...

TrendyGamers2262d ago

NFL Blitz wasn't as good as we were hoping but it is still quite fun to break out and play when you have a bunch of people over.

Myst2262d ago

This is true I ended up getting it myself. Agreed it's not as good as the first but heck I don't know if it's the name, style or what but it's still okay.

iamtehpwn2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Excellent choice for game of the month.