Mass Effect 3 – How to Get Early Access to the Multiplayer Beta

By now you probably know how to get early access to the Mass Effect 3 demo, but what about the Multiplayer beta? There's a way to get access 3 days early.

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ziggurcat2320d ago

why this game has multiplayer functionality is beyond me... it's a singleplayer game, it doesn't need multiplayer.

i've said it before - i'm sick and tired of singleplayer games having MP functionality tacked onto them. they could take those resources and develop a much stronger singleplayer experience.

marioPSUC2320d ago

Mass effect doesn't need a MP but this is Co-op and its missions that do expand on the story so its not just tacked on.

ziggurcat2320d ago

even co-op is a bad idea - this isn't a co-op game, either.

urwifeminder2320d ago

Co op love it should be in all games.