10 Franchises That Need To Die Or Take A Break

"Just because a franchise is dishing out one good game after another doesn’t mean that it’s a successful franchise. There are plenty of franchises out there right now, that while are giving out some good games for the past few years, have gotten a little stale. Such franchises, according to us, need to die, or at least need to go on a hiatus. It’s not that we don’t like their games, or those brand names in general. It’s just that we’ve started growing tired of them, however fun they might be."

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Relientk772228d ago

I actually agree with pretty much the entire list, except for The Legend of Zelda. The console Zelda games (Wind Waker, Twlight Princess, and Skyward Sword) are 4 and 5 years apart.

Solid_Snake372227d ago


Isnt what ND is doing, giving it a break?

Kingdom Come2227d ago

Just because Naughty Dog are giving the "Uncharted" series a break, it doesn't mean that Sony will. With the release of "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" on the Playstation Vita, if it becomes the best selling Vita title, you can bet your ass there'll be a sequel.

Besides, there are two teams at Naughty Dog, one working on "The Last of Us", with the other reportedly working on a Next Gen "Uncharted" Sequel. I for one think that the other Naughty Dog team should revisit previous franchises like "Jak & Daxter", due to the lengthy break they've had from the franchise, they can return with fresh ideas and give "Uncharted" that same lengthy break, to allow themselves to have a break and gather ideas.

Septic2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Here's the woeful list so you don't have to trawl through 3 pages of cack. Yes, Septic took a bullet for you.

Legend of Zelda
Need for Speed
Call of Duty
Final Fantasy
Assassins Creed
God of War
Forza Motorsport

So pretty much any successful game. I hope I'm not the only one that can see how desperately this is fishing for hits. If you're going to do that, at least have some integrity in your content.

Shameful imo.

dredgewalker2227d ago


The only reason a game should take a break or die is when the sequels become stale and lose their fun. I can only see a few games worth retiring or taking a break in that list.

ChiVoLok02227d ago

I think Mario needs a break.

Knushwood Butt2227d ago

@ Septic

You're doing a lot of people a big favour.

That is one of the worst articles I've skimmed through in a long time.

'Don't get us wrong, we love xxxxxx game, and gave the last installment 10/10, and we don't want the series to die either, just take a break. Yeah!'.

Biggest2227d ago

Fifa? The best soccer/futbol game on the market needs to take a break? That makes a lot of (non)sense.

swice2227d ago

The VERY first sentence turned me off to this whole article.
This guy has no substance and crappy reasons.

frostypants2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Thanks for throwing up that list.

I can't stand GamingBolt. They constantly poach assets like screenshots from other sites without credit, they post "articles" to N4G that are nothing but 3-sentence paragraphs describing someone else's actual article/interview(as opposed to N4G just linking to the original), and they write at a 7th grade level. They should be banned from this site.

How did HHG get banned but not these clowns? At least HHG has original content and actual industry contacts (though granted, he can't write to save his life).

thats_just_prime2226d ago

all they really did was list almost all the best saling games of this gen.

Fifa CoD and need for speed are really the only one that need to die/take a break

Corepred42226d ago

Anybody that thinks FIFA should die/take a break is an idiot. FIFA is fantastic. If FIFA is on there so should MADDEN, NBA, Tiger Woods, etc.

plumber152226d ago

I would like to know where Halo is on this list .

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ATi_Elite2227d ago


Those are good games that sell very well therefore gamers want them.

I'm sick to death of COD but 25 million Gamers disagree thus ensuring COD will never stop.

Captain Qwark 92227d ago

games only need a break imo when the sequels consist of minor gameplay changes ( COD, God of war, gears of war, uncharted ) or "streamlined" ( cutting out features, combining other, updating graphics, and passing it off as new - skyrim ) or lastly if their sequels have significantly downgraded in quality with every new entry ( fable, dragon age 2 )

a sequel need to come out every 2-4 years and needs to retain its core gameplay while adding enough new features/content to to justify a sequel.

proper sequel examples would be mass effect series ( although they did streamline it a bit too much ) and demon/dark souls

chriski3332227d ago

No just call of duty needs to die

spicelicka2226d ago

yea, actually the whole list should have just been call of duty games...

Shane Kim2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )


I see your point, but does it have to go that far until a franchise need to stop? Why can't the game "die" at its height? Wouldn't you think it would suck to see your favourite franchise get milked until it start to suck?
Today, companies will milk any franchise just because it sells, and when it don't, they'll just ditch it. Many good franchises has gone that path and it's saddening

Sarcasm2227d ago

My list would be:

1. Call of Duty
2. Call of Duty
3. Call of Duty
4. Call of Duty
5. Call of Duty
6. Call of Duty
7. Call of Duty
8. Call of Duty
9. Call of Duty
10. Call of Duty

SignifiedSix2226d ago

Sony needs to take a break from exclusives before they make themselves go bankrup, because no one buys the games, just brag about em.

WildArmed2227d ago

Idk, most of these franchise's installments are quite far apart.

As long as your release cycle gives us 2-3 years to breath, and not shove a new game down our throats every year.. I'm perfectly fine.

Uncharted (~2years breaks)
FF (4-5 year breaks lol.. except FF13-2 i guess)
GoW (I guess they were on PSP too? So i'm not too sure how big their breaks were)
Fable (2-3 year breaks between Fable 1 n 2.. similar i think w/ 2 n 3?)

showtimefolks2226d ago

Author of this article needs to explain why he used the word need? is that because he is tired of some of these Ips? is he thinking like a gamer or like a business because end goal is top quality and sells well which most of these Ips do. I think what some of us are forgetting is that when sequels launch they outsell new Ips by huge numbers, people buy what they feel comfortable with and do you even realize how much money it takes to make a game now a day and how much money it takes to make a new IP than invest enough in advertisement to make sure people know about it and make it a established franchise?

very easy to sit on the side line and say stop making than or that but what if you were running activision and your game was making billions and setting new records each time it launched would you stop it?

battlefield 3 has sold 11 million do you want EA to stop making BF games?

This is nothing more than a gamer's wishlist and i bet OP buys more sequels thna new Ips.

why didn't darksiders,metro 2033,homefront,vanquish,bayone tta sold more than sequels? we can sit here all day and debate but as long as its about money and video gaming is a business than why should a company stop making a game when it can still sell

yeh right in this tough economy don't expect a lot of new Ips. Its about money and whether you like it or not COD sells and sells well so why would or should activision stop making it? they have 2 different teams of hundreds of people working on a different COD every year. Easy to sit on the side as a gamer and say stupid things like that when a game is earning multiple BILLIONS why would anyone stop making it?

GOW is a high quality game that also sells a lot and if anything its the halo of play-station brand. It may not do 10 million but it sells enough to warrant sequels, as long as the quality remains as great as GOW3 i am all for it

Uncharted isn't going anywhere, when each game sells better than the last and reviewers have very little negative to say about a game that means its very good so why would you kill a very good game in hopes of a new IP that you may or may not like?

sports games i agree with because give them 2 years and make big improvements and in between release some dlc and updated rosters etc,

that's just my opinion on the matter

GodKing13372226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

lol this guy wrote an essay XD

showtimefolks2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

its not about writing an essay let me make it so simple and in short why would any company be it activision,ea,ubi,sony,ms etc,,, stop making some of their most popular games? where os double fine studios? they make new Ip's and their games are good but guess what selling one million is hard for that studio. so halo,gow,uc,cod,bf etc, will keep coming out because this is a business after all and what sells is what publishers make.

the cost of making is a game is so huge now a day many people don't even understand that, so its hard to take risk with new ip when you know a sequel will sell 4-5 million copies

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ZBlacktt2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Went to read what you said about GOW since that's the picture you used. Might want to fix the misspelled words. Aside from that, the game is going in a new story direction. So it should not be on this list.

Like said above. Games that only need to take a break are ones that come out every year. When it's the same old same O.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2227d ago

I was noticing the spelling and grammar errors, too. Then I saw the name of the author: Shubhankar Parijat. I'm thinking southern Asia: India, Nepal, or Singapore.
It's a safe bet that English is his second language, so I let it slide.

Kingdom Come2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

As much as I love the "God of War" franchise, I agree that it needs a break, in the past 7 years we've had:
God of War
God of War II
God of War: Betrayal
God of War: Chains of Olympus
God of War Collection
God of War III
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
God of War Origin Collection

Now we have a rumoured Playstation Vita title AND God of War IV on their way. I think the series needs a break. Also, I don't think claiming a new storyline to be a solid argument for validation for the franchise to continue, 1) We don't know that God of War IV won't just follow the story from 3, 2) Halo is technically entering a new storyline in the new trilogy but is consistently criticised on N4G for doing so, and that's WITH a new developer working on it and being capable of bringing fresh ideas...

CarlitoBrigante2227d ago

You forgot to mention that Collection 1 and Collection 2 are GoW 1+2 and Chains of Olympus+Ghost of Sparta.

You also forgot to mention that GoW Betrayal is a sh1tty phone game nobody gave a FK about and not made by Santa Monica.

Its 2 years since I played a GoW game, cant wait for a new one

Kingdom Come2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I didn't state that I wouldn't like a future installment, all I'm saying is that I would rather the franchise take a rest so that developers can return with fresh ideas rather than just add an unnecesary Co-Op mode (as rumoured). And whether you disregar the mobile game and collections or not, the list is still lengthy and with two more titles rumoured to be around the corner the list will continue to grow. I love how Xbox 360 franchises are scrutinised for having more than 3 installments but people act oblivious to the more visited franchises on the Sony side...

At below: I apologise, I didn't realise you knew 100% what's going to be announced this year. There is a rumoured Vita title and a rumoured fourth main installment, that would bring the list to seven games, I'm merely stating that I find it unfair that people cry "milk" at Halo but are blind to notice other franchises.

kerrak2227d ago

You forgot 3 "platinum" and 2 "psp essentials" editions . This is 12 games in 7 years!

God of War 2005
God of War 2 2007
God of War 3 2010

And on psp:
God of War CoO 2008
God of War GoS 2010

If there is no GoW in 2012 (nothing announced atm), there will be 3 main entries in 8 years and 2 portable entries in 5 years.

Marquis_de_Sade2227d ago

I wouldn't really care if God of War took a break, I have tried to get into the game but I just find the combat mechanics dull compared to Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden. Can't argue that it has fantastic visuals and grand scale though!

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Majin-vegeta2228d ago

*I don’t think anyone will disagree here. Again, we love the Call of Duty franchise, and we loved Modern Warfare 3 too. Heck, we gave it a 10/10. Why, then, do we want to see it die? Because it’s virtually the same game we played back in 2007, or 2008, or 2009, or 2010. In the last 5 years, Call of Duty has not changed a bit. There have been a few refinements and tweaks to the formula, but for other franchises, that’s like DLC’s worth of content.*

If you want it to die then why did you give it a 10/10 kinda contradicted yourself there no?

Also NFS,and Fifa need to go.

DigitalRaptor2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Exactly. A 10/10 game should make you wonder why there aren't more games like it. That is not what Call of Duty is, and it's strange he would score it 10/10 especially when he's said he'd like it to die.

ninjahunter2227d ago

A little money in "advertising" Can go a long way if well known critics get their hands on it.

ChiVoLok02227d ago

Why does FIFA need to go? I think NFS Underground 3 needs to be made because most of the games since Pro Street have sucked with the exception of Hot Pursuit.

Moncole2227d ago

Any game that has a yearly or releases every two years should take a break

Pumbli2227d ago

I agree and I love Ling Ling, a bubble and an agree to you my friend!