Week Recap: PS3 Firmware 4.10; Xbox 360 No. 1; PS Vita Most Wished For

Punch Jump Week Recap for week ending Feb. 11, 2012.

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DA_SHREDDER2352d ago

ya i wish the vita was a phone lol

egidem2352d ago

That's precisely what you have your phone for - being a phone!

The Vita was created not to make phone calls on, or anything remotely related to making phone calls. Same reason applies to them smartphones - just because they can play games doesn't qualify them to be in the category of dedicated portable gaming devices.

phinch2352d ago

why would you want to hold the vita up to your ear....

Apocwhen2352d ago

I hope 4.11 gets released soon. I can't use my Sony wireless headset since they broke functionality of them with 4.10

Luc202352d ago

You mean the 7.1 wireless? Mine works fine same as the other one I have.

Apocwhen2352d ago

Yeah, Microphone Monitoring is enabled all the time now in multiplayer games and the pickup from the mic is way to sensitive. You can hear yourself talk in the mic even when it is muted.

You can literally hear everything outside of the headset, amplified to a really high setting, which defeats the purpose of a closed headset.

Sony are already aware of the issue and working on a fix.