I Learned Something Today Too: Banjo-Kazooie – For a Better World

Ethan Moses knows the world would be a lot better off if it knew the lessons of Banjo-Kazooie.

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LOL_WUT2170d ago

I never played this one but i did however play Banjo Tooie and i gotta say i had a blast playing that game.

TeaDouble_E2170d ago

Haven't played the second version but loved the first title.

Dantheman12170d ago

i wish games were still like this today

morventhus2170d ago

Probably one of my favorite games... and favorite video game series ever...
in fact the list goes
1. Banjo
2. Conker
3. Kingdoms of Amular (yes i call it a series since im positive that it will get a sequel)
4. Halo
5. Zone of Enders
6. Painkiller
9. Warcraft
10. Warhammer
(due note these arnt in exact order)

cpayne932170d ago

Man I'll never forget banjo kazooie, I've played through that game several times. I remember when I first had it as a kid, I got all the way up to the witch's battle, and then my friends came over to my house and beat it when I wasn't there. -_- I was ready to kick all their asses. I had to start the game all over, not that big of a deal since I loved it so much.