Modern Warfare 3 sells 50% less compared to Black Ops in January

GB : Looks like this could be the weakspot people were expecting to see from the juggernaut CoD franchise. But it still doesn’t change the fact that it is the best selling video game of 2011, considering the sales were extremely frontloaded.

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Horny2318d ago

Because black ops shits on Mw3. Best game since cod4.

Titanz2318d ago

Treyarch is an amazing game development group, and they even had bots in Black ops (not sure about MW3).

Gamer-Z2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

They both pale in comparison to the original Infinity Ward team now Respawn Entertainment


Yet you can not deny that that the best COD was COD4 a game that practically redefined the FPS genre and the fact that they started the whole COD craze to begin with. All CODs now follow the same template and have the same engine which IW originally first modified.

Jobesy2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

IW (Respawn) were a one-hit wonder that never produced anything else of merit. They also had horrible after launch support for all the glitches that were and still are in COD4.

BattleAxe2318d ago

CoD4, WaW and MW2 are better than both Black Ops and MW3.

xVeZx2318d ago

black ops is just the lesser of the two horrible games...

BakedGoods2318d ago

Sounds like Call of Duty fatigue to me.

'bout time.

FragMnTagM2318d ago

Yeah I was going to say something along those lines, I am glad people are starting to realize that COD is not the best shooter.

It took some of my friends a while, but a lot of them are switching to BF3, especially after the new maps disappointed the shit out of them.

Great to see people starting to get some sense in their heads and stop supporting lazy developers.

GraveLord2318d ago

Those NPD numbers are very weird. Only 386k in January? and it was the #1 game on the list? No way. If this is true Current-gen consoles are really dying.

EDIT: yes I was right. this number is complete bull. NPD doesn't list actual sales for these games they only list them in order of best-selling. So I have no idea where this article got this number from. Activision didn't reveal these numbers either.

gamernova2318d ago

Because mw3 sold way more on opening week? Duh. Mw3 broke records.

bahabeast2318d ago

black ops IMO is most complete call of duty game out of all, i play the sh*t out of black ops the campaign is great and multiplayer plays great. even people who say they dnt like call of duty must admit black ops was very well done

pandehz2318d ago

Yea Blops was pretty decent. I played Blops a lot more than BC2 last year.

But this yr its all about BF3. I never went back to MW3 after BF3.

gazgriff2k122318d ago

wow so many disagrees. only cod 4 comes close to black ops imho. black ops has it all. single player with good story. the most balanced multiplayer out of the series and the addictive zombies. mw3 is poo. the hype was worth nothing. the reviews flat out lied. and the maps arnt worthy 5 minutes of my time. its a step backwards from mw2 and a massive step backwards from black ops. nice try sledgehammer but no. p.s bf3 rocks

torchic2318d ago

good to see reasonable people on here. Black Ops is pretty fun, best CoD along with CoD4. right now, if someone were to ask for my suggestion on a really good online FPS I'd probably advise on getting BO or BC2. it's so balanced and has a great mix of maps (I play on PS3 so that's why I've excluded some game suggestions)

Darkspade2318d ago

oh know what will they do!!!!!! lol who cares both games sold very will

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