The Simpsons Arcade Game is a short, generic romp | Review [NoobFeed]

Daav from revisits one of his favorite arcade title of his youth. However, the title might not be as glorious as it was 20 years ago. It might work in the arcades, but it's a debatable point whether this short, generic title has any lasting value on today's consoles.

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ziggurcat2224d ago

why on earth are people even reviewing old games like this (even if it just re-released this past week)?

i mean, do these morons think that these old games can even compare to the scope of today's generation of games?

ThatArtGuy2224d ago

Old games can compete with newer games. This one just can't.

ziggurcat2224d ago

oh, i know that there are some old games that still hold up today, but criticising an old beat'em up for being too short and generic when all of those types of games back then were short and generic is a bit silly.

Daavpuke2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

To your comment that all circa 1990 beat 'em ups were short and generic: Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, Turtles Arcade/In Time, Golden Axe and probably a bunch more that hold up to today's standard. And that's just the fighting genre alone.

Great classics get re-released every year that prove they can stand their ground against newer, more evolved concepts by offering timeless solid gameplay. The ones that don't, only have themselves to blame, not their era or any other peer. They either succeed or fail as a game on its own.

jetlian2224d ago

all of them were 30 mins long

thatruth862224d ago

lmao big surprise did anyone really expect it to be great or any differ