New details and Outland screens from “World of Warcraft within Minecraft” project

A 27-year-old U.S. graduate student known as “Ramses” is creating a stir in the community of Minecraft, the sandbox-building game by Swedish development studio Mojang. Within Minecraft’s blocky world, he has spent about 100 hours so far on a re-creation of Azeroth, the enormous setting of Blizzard’s massively multiplayer game, World of Warcraft (WoW).

After re-creating the continent of Kalimdor, Ramses started working on adding the other landmasses from World of Warcraft. GamesBeat is unveiling the very first screenshots of Minecraft scenery inspired by the Outland zones from the Burning Crusade expansion. The pictures on this page show the Minecrafted landscapes of Zangarmarsh, Nagrand, and Terokkar Forest.

In an exclusive interview with VentureBeat, creator Ramses explains some of the technologies he is using. Once the project is finished, he is planning to release parts of the software library written to automate the task of replicating 3D worlds: “This will help anyone trying to do other large-scale conversions into Minecraft in the future.”

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acronkyoung2345d ago

Let's just recreate the entire game industry inside Minecraft.

Sadie21002345d ago

I shouldn't be anymore, but I'm still continually blown away by what people are doing in Minecraft.

SybaRat2345d ago

Call me when someone recreates Minecraft within Warcraft within Minecraft.