Seriousless News - Gotham City Impostors Stats Resetting?

In an effort to keep with the technical aspects of an evolving game Seriousless News writer GTANJ has come across a potentially serious problem that may prove problematic for players of Gotham City Impostors.

"I purchased Gotham City Impostors yesterday and have really enjoyed it since then. I managed to get my character to level 17 last night and was looking to extend that rank this morning. However, upon booting the game up, I was met with an error: “Save to Storage Failed. Retry?” I rebooted the game, and upon starting it again, I was told to set my screen size and the game brightness. The same thing I had to do when first playing the game."


[Update Feb. 13 2012]

Since the time this article was made new information has been brought up. Here is a quote from the forum, "Truthfully, we're doing everything we can. The more data that is available to us, the more likely it is that we'll be able to zero in on the problem faster."

So it seems that the stat reset is confirmed at this point. Players beware of having your stats reset.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2320d ago

good.. i'm glad. for some reason hardly any of my games have shown up in the stats. like a total of 5 games, and i'm a level 15 for christ sakes! where did my stats go?

reset them! :)

multipayer2320d ago

Stats are kept in the save file?

Myst2320d ago

That's the thing no save file is present at least on my system. Nor is there game data in the game data utility section. Just had to double check again to make sure.

Blaine2320d ago

I didn't check if there were save files on my PS3, but I just checked and I didn't lose my stats. Just mentioning it because I was getting save errors last night too. The game wouldn't stop telling me it failed to save, and to press X to try again or O to cancel, but it didn't matter which I pressed, it just kept prompting me. So I don't know if that's related to losing your stats, since like I said I didn't lose mine...

Myst2319d ago

Strange cause yeah friend lost his and we were talking about it over Skype. Tried to figure out what was going on then encountered that. Though I'd consider yourself lucky if you didn't lose yours.

killerhog2319d ago

Yup, there's no save or data files. Not gonna play till they fix it. This is what's probably causing the stats reset. I still got my stats, thankfully. so now, imma just stop playing till they fix it. Sinces there's no save file or data utility, I'm guess all it takes is an error on their servers for you to lose your stars.

Blaine2320d ago

Whew... I just checked, didn't lose my stats. Would have sucked to lose 61 levels. That's 10 hours of my life I wouldn't get back.

Myst2319d ago

Yep didn't lose mine either but I'm just sitting at 33. Kind of stalled on playing now until I hear word of a fix or something, might just start re-playing it next month with the rest of the DLC and fixes. Which is a shame because it's a really fun game.

Or I guess I could start a new account and play on that for a bit off and on to get the fix in.

Blaine2319d ago

Well, I was only playing Impostors while waiting for Twisted Metal to come out! Which is tomorrow. :D So I'll play TM for a while. Might come back when the DLC comes, like you say. And then it'll be Starhawk time. :D

Myst2319d ago

I'm going to try and get TM but probably won't be able to. Either way I still have a huge list of games that I need to finish anyway like Resonance of Fate and such lol.