The best and worst DLC on PS3

Ever since Bethesda threw Oblivion's infamous Horse Armour at us for £1.50, downloadable content has been a disappointment. A few new maps, costume packs that would once have been in-game unlockables, paid-for cheats... Yes, there's a market for it, and no, we have no problem if you want to make Dan Hibiki fight in a hula skirt. But DLC can be better.

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PirateThom2264d ago

I love the idea of expanding on the game, if I can get a new story to attach to my game (or, in the case of Festival of Blood a separate game entirely), I'm happy. DLC doesn't have to be the bane of this gen. Map packs? Sure, but not expansions.

Relientk772264d ago

The horse armor from Oblivion. Easily the best DLC of all time lol

thedude442263d ago

i hated undead nightmare

Darth Stewie2263d ago

Undead Nightmare was a steal, great amount of content for a great price. It definitely is a good example of what DLC should be.

The worst DLC is anything from Capcom cough I mean Scamcom.

EazyC2263d ago

Whoah, i that's one of my FAVOURITE dlc's of all time! :O