Twisted Metal: Be Mine

TheParanoidGamer: Even Sweet Tooth deserves some love on Valentines Day.

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-Alpha2294d ago

Things went better than expected.

Vynzent2293d ago

Funny, they did indeed.

I was pretty f'cking sure was gonna die in the end. But no.

Anyway awesome vid, hilarious shit.

bahabeast2294d ago

i enjoyed the online demo and it was my first time playin any twisted metal game

b163o12294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Aside from the cheesy fire effect, this was a Good shorty....

Really hope they do Sweet Tooth movie, but it'll have to be done right. We all know it'll never be done right thou

Vynzent2293d ago

Nah, they can pull it off, they just need an actor that isn't so FUCKING FAT! XD

Anyway a Sweet Tooth movie would be awesome. It would give you some reall "gnarly" nightmares...