Could Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter happen? Ed Boon drops a teaser on his Twitter

DSOGaming writes: "A crossover between MK and SF could happen, as Ed Boon has tweeted that he is looking forward to their first MKvsSF meeting with Capcom. Now this could very well be just a joke from Ed Boon, so take it with a grain of salt."

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Colwyn2502d ago

no one matches up to "scorpion"

NukaCola2501d ago

Tekken and Street Fighter are not M rated. When MK vs DC came out it was corny as all hell. I'll just throw this out there. I think most will agree.

"Mortal Kombat VERSUS Killer Instinct"

(Or better yet, a freaking KI game regardless a cross over or not.)

SubZeroMaster2501d ago

tekken, SF, guilty gear , an whoever else im forgetting will always be second rate to me, i'd be sad to see Mk paired with anything besides KI......mkvsDc was awful, an i never wanna hear a cross over again, if its not with KI, or just gimme a KI game

zeal0us2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I would love a MK vs KI but it probably won't happen especially looking at the way Rare is going.

MK v. SF in this day and age seem somewhat difficult. Either MK would have to get a downgrade in the graphics department or SF would have to get an upgrade in the graphics department.If either downgrade or upgrade they both would come out look weird, to me anyway.

Capcom would more than likely want control over the product, so it probably won't be long before Super Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter or Ultimate Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter or etc.

MK would get a down-tone in violence,gore and etc just in MK vs DC :( ty. I highly doubt Capcom will allow SF be turn into a M-rated title. If MK going to be in a crossover it should be with a M-rated game.

MaxXAttaxX2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )


I'd still want a 2D fighter like that.

dredgewalker2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct are perfect for a crossover. I can't imagine SF characters doing a fatality and it would suck having a fighting game with MK characters without fatality.


I'm afraid I have to disagree with you since I find the fighting system in those games very refined compared to MK.

Shadow02501d ago

MK vs SF would be good but, if they make MK vs Killer Instinct than they might as well just take all my money now. It gets me excited just to think about a game like that...

spicelicka2501d ago

agree 100%
mortal kombat is a totally different serious atmosphere bloody game. Mixing it with DC was the worst thing ever.

Why don't they just make another MK "shaolin monks" game, that was pretty sickkk.

vegnadragon2501d ago

It's a good idea, but Microsoft owns KI, so it has to be a exclusive for Xbox. Then you need to think about the huge chunk of fighter fans that plays on Playstation. I mean the ps controller is built to fighting games, unless they go as a kinect game.

Prototype2501d ago

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter

back in the 90's, sold more than MW3


Mortal Kombat vs Eternal Champions vs Killer Instinct

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TVippy2501d ago

It's def. a joke. Ishinori Ono said on a recent GameSpot podcast that if it was to happen, it would happen very very long from now.

john22501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

The obvious problem is with MK's brutality. IMHO, this could be resolved with two versions. SF vs MK could be without brutality (blood, fatalities, etc), developed according to Capcom's terms.

MK vs SF on the other hand could be a brutal version with fatalities and such.

By doing this, everyone will be happy. Naturally, some might hate one version (for example, MK fans hating the non-violent version) but they'll have the other version to play, so it's a win-win situation IMO

TVippy2501d ago

Of course. The first example is possible I guess. But Ryu, tearing Sub-Zero's spine... not gonna happen, I think. Ever.

Tonester9252501d ago

They should have Marvel vs Mortal Kombat

-Mika-2502d ago

As long as Capcom is developing it. I won't mind. It would be nice to finally see a good MK. MK9 was the best mk in the series but that not saying alot when you look at past mk games. It would be nice to finally see great and smooth animations on a mk character. Capcom have not dissapointed me this gen with their fighting games so i can't wait.

Mookie2502d ago

Dick ridin capcom. -__-
You must like buying a new copy of the same fighting game every 6 months.
Its cool tho.

Simon_Brezhnev2502d ago

dats how most capcom fans are. They think its okay to buy the same game over and over.

-Mika-2502d ago

Um no, they just make better fighting games and you would like to think it the same game every year, i like to think it a expansion pack since they add alot of content into their new releases. Lastly MK is not respected to fighting game pros. MVC3, sf4 still has a great community but MK just vanished. You think im being a fanboy but MK9 just wasn't a good fighting game compared to others games.

ChrisGTR12501d ago

true, i wonder when the super ultimate MVC3 comes out cause thats the one im getting. lol the one with gambit in it

Simon_Brezhnev2501d ago

Answer this mika which had more changes SF4 to SSF4 or BBCT to BBCS? They dont make better fighting games their just more famous thats like saying COD is the greatest FPS. SF series downgraded after alpha and third strike. Only way i will play SF series again if they add in air block all you play is turtles.

Dno2501d ago

says mister COD, madden, battlefield.... i no u have one of those games.

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ritsuka6662502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

you are trolling in all articles. dude.

just stop it, stop trolling us please... -_-

on topic: mortal vs street= TERRIBLE IDEA.

hellztourguide4202502d ago

I'd rather see Nintendo vs Capcom...and thats already rumored to be in the works...

TXIDarkAvenger2502d ago

"Lastly MK is not respected to fighting game pros. MVC3, sf4 still has a great community but MK just vanished. You think im being a fanboy but MK9 just wasn't a good fighting game compared to others games. "

john22502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

MK9 will be included in EVO 2012, so this should prove that its latest part is respected to fighting game pros ;)

Full list for EVO 2012:

Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012 Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Soulcalibur V
Mortal Kombat
King of Fighters XIII
Street Fighter X Tekken

Sony3602501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Obviously havn't played the latest MK, have you. And as far as "being respected by game pros" goes, most people really couldn't give 2 shits about what games the pros "respect. 'pr0 gamers' make up less than 1% of gaming demographics.

That's even if it was true. MK9 is in alot of the new tournaments now.

Also, I won't be buying any MK vs. game if they're just going to tone down the gore and graphics to match the other franchise.

reyray07092501d ago

mortal kombat is for casuals. keep that gory mess away from my capcom fighters. evo2012 will revolve around the big three, SSF4AE, Umvc3, and SFxT.

-Mika-2501d ago

Exactly, there too many casual fighting fans on this site. Those 3 games you listed will be getting the most attention. At next year evo Mk will most likely not be on it list.

Pintheshadows2501d ago

Pros tend to go for Virtua Fighter over everything else. Hope there's a new one soon.

beastlysensation2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

i feel you man...too many MK scrubs in here. They dont even know what a good fighting game is. SF is miles ahead of MK in terms of gameplay. Its like a chess game, and even 4 years after its release we are sill finding out crazy shit from it. Just look at evo2011. Poongko fever, daigo fever, tokido, etc. MK started strong but it has died and it doesnt even reach 10k views at tournaments. It had its separate stream at evo 2011 and only got about 7k viewers at its peak while sf finals got over 80k. MK is a juggling game, once you find everything about it that is it. There is nothing else to learn. There is no strategy. SFIV is a chess game where you need to know your opponent and the best strategy wins. It has a lot more depth than MK does and it is way more appreciated by the pros than MK is. There is a reason SF is on top and no MK. For those saying its the same game over and over again with every release that just shows how ignorant you are about the game and how much of a noob you are. If you knew how to play the game well, you would know that every release is completely different not only due to content, but most IMPORTANTLY due to balance. SF4 Vanilla was unbalanced and some characters were too OP, like sagat. SSFIV imo, had the perfect balance between all characters. Then came AE, where yun and yang where the most OP, ryus air kicks stopped working, akumas U2 was linkable, and fei long was top tier. Now its 2012 with cody being OP, hakan being more of a protagonist, etc..every release is different, but MK casuals wouldnt know this cause their game stays the same. Yes, SF is appreciated more by the pros and thas where the heart of it is. Capcom knows this, thats why they do what they do. I rather watch a stream of sf pros than a bunh of casuals play mk for fun. MK is for the couch at home, sf is for the ones that one to get serious about their fighting game skills. Get over it mk fans, your game sucks and needs a lot of work compared to sf.

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NYC_Gamer2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

i doubt Capcom will allow this game to happen.there will be no Johnny Cage knocking off Ken's head.for this game to happen it would have to be Cap terms and all of that M rated violence will be cut down.

john22502d ago

My thoughs exactly. However here is what could happen: SF vs MK could be a fatality-less game with SF mechanics and Capcom's terms, whereas MK vs SF could be a brutal game with fatalities and such with NetherRealm's terms.

This could satisfy most gamers. This is the same thing with 'SF x Tekken' and 'Tekken x SF'

acemonkey2502d ago

u say street fighter I SCREAM MORTAL KOMBAT....make it happen..either way flawless victory for MK..capcom wont make it happen tho...

Sony3602501d ago

Agreed. Capcom wouldn't allow their precious characters to be shown getting killed.

soundslike2502d ago

Its obviously wishful thinking/playing around

if you take this seriously you should level up your social intelligence

HardCover2502d ago

Well, with an argument like that, it would be impossible to disagree.

Thank you for enlightening me.