Head2Head: SoulCalibur V Analysis (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we put Namco’s SoulCalibur V for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 under our lens. Our screenshot comparison last week showed very little difference between these two fighters, surly this will change in our full analysis, right? Jump on in and get comfortable as we tell you a tale of souls and swords!"

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-Mika-2324d ago

Xbox version is obviously the winner. Everything is just a bit more detailed. You can obviously see this on the last pic on the first page with astaroth.

Sony better make the ps4 based on a pc engine that developers are familier with because if they don't. This will continue to happen.

Kur02324d ago

They look exactly the same. And don't say this will "continue to happen" when big games like Portal 2 and LA Noire actually looked better on the PS3.

-Mika-2324d ago

Well now i see y u have 1 bubble. It obvious that you a ps3 fanboy. They're not exactly the same. You can clearly see the differences between the version in some pics and the Astaroth pic clearly shows that. They're small but there is a difference.

PirateThom2324d ago

Yep, they say the 360 version has slightly better textures... in some cases. So, no, not "everything" is a bit more detailed.

The fact two of the three staff members picked PS3 version should show how small the difference is.

2324d ago
Baka-akaB2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Either way they look extremely similar , and with the ps3 version getting extra small features that arent that small if truly into SC .

-The game also supports in-game screenshots on ps3

-custom soundtracks on ps3 and not on 360 'well The 360 always supports it, but it won't sync to stages and stuff though.)

-you can record videos to your ps3 hard drive and upload them to video sites like YouTube.

Similar+extras on one end ? I dont see how the 360 is any winner in this case

Baka-akaB2324d ago

trolls can disagree all they want . If you're into Custom character creations and coloring , it is very nice to have built in screenshots and replay capture .

Even if you aint its awesome to be able to trade or upload fights .

At last , custom music allow for a few great sutiting epic soundtracks , or even simply the whole mp3 lot of the Soulcalibur OSTs , that namco is trying to sell as dlc .

When two versions are so nearly identical , it's small stuff like that making a world of difference for those with both platform .

Not the extra tiny extra or missing shadow , you guy wanna pretend you noticed , without being told so

TheBlackSmoke2324d ago

I haven't seen you comment on any SCV news until now. Funny how you're only compelled to when its a graphic comparison and yet you're calling others fanboys.

You clearly have no interest in the game or even own it, infact you decided to opt for that 5/10 FF game instead. good game

Baka-akaB2324d ago

Dont bother , i see his ilk butting in , on such matters constantly , for games they dont even care about , at a local store .

And once every while their ridiculousness is revealed by swapping around the consoles on the two demo displays of the store .

Their trained hawk eyes that discerns everything (of course when told so by a comparison site) are oddly always fooled .

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Bakkies2324d ago

Oh, Lens of Truth. Anyway, does it have a nice single player campaign?

Angrymorgan2324d ago

The games so fast paced, any advantage wouldn't be noticed anyway.