Top Ten Most Abused Video Game Characters [PICS]

"Sometimes life is hard but, even though games are often used as a form of pure escapism, game characters have a hard time as well from time to time. Whether by our orders or simply through a cruel twist of fate, here’s a list of the ten characters in gaming who seem to get the most amount of abuse thrown there way. This list may contain mild spoilers."

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FinaLXiii2201d ago

Cloud Strife sure goes through a alot in FFVII (but probably FF7 haters love to disagree with me with some wimpy excuse).

smashcrashbash2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Hello. Kratos? He was yanked back and forth by just about every God and Titan, killed, fell from grace, tortured, power drained, betrayed, knocked around, tricked into killing his family and wearing their ashes, sent to Hades etc.And the funny part is when people ask 'Why is Kratos always angry and being a douche all the time. Why can't he be happy?'Really?

kratos1232201d ago

wow no mario surely he is the most overused character ever

FinaLXiii2201d ago

Read the article before comment.

Lord_Sloth2201d ago

I'd say Isaac Clark deserves a spot on that list.

PamPoovey2201d ago

Squall has been through more then Cloud, it's the whole reason he's a jerk at the start of the game. It's what I like about his character developerment and why I think it's the best in the entire FF franchise. He goes from a jerk, gives you the reasons of he's like this at the start of the game then you see him transform to a brave heroic leader at the end.

His mother died at childbirth, never knew her, never knew his dad, put in an orphanage, grew close to a girl he looked up to, put all his trust into and thought of as a sister only for her to be taken away like his mam and dad (thats proberly the turning point for Squall becoming cold hearted, then after that he was taunted by
Seifer in his teenage years up untill when the game ends.

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