Retro Studios Recruiting Hand-Painted Texture Artists

We don't know much about the next big project out of Retro Studios except that it's something that "everyone wants [them] to do," that it's supposedly going to involve some well-known third-party people, and that it's coming to Wii U

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JellyJelly2199d ago

Hand-painted texture artists or hand-painting texture artists? First option sounds kinda kinky.

blackbirdi2199d ago

who cares even skyrim and uncharted use hand painted textures

Gr812199d ago

I'm only asking because I am not knowledgeable on these matters. However, I think many people take this as Retro working on a game with 'cel shading' ala Wind Waker...or even Skyward Sword.

And while people seem to put Wind Waker on a pedestal they conveniently forget the backlash such an artsyle had with fans. So there's an anxiety happening with fans of say Zelda, that want the game to resemble the tech demo shown and not go the 'creative artsyle' crap again.

Compound this with Rumors that Retro might be involved in the next Zelda game and viola. But if both games you mentioned also have hand painted textures and look gorgeous, then the worries are unfounded.

blackbirdi2199d ago

don't worry about hand painted textures i'm 3d artist and i know what i m talking about you can check my gallery http://blackbirdi.deviantar... and i use the same technique for texturing ;) so guys i think nintendo made the right choice hiring retro studio for the upcomming ... i know somebody who told me that the all the design document are from nintendo retro studio will just handeling the programming and GfX


zero_cool2199d ago

Just maybe folks...

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

TheMutator2199d ago

give me a damn METROOOOOOID!!!!!!!!!

ozstar2198d ago

Whatever they're doing, its gonna be rad.

Skyward Sword and Kirbys Epic Yarn pretty much confirm for me that Nintendo uses art style better than almost anyone else.