The Darkness II Review [PS3 Site Poland]

Review of The Darkness II made by polish website - PS3 Site Poland.

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bahabeast2351d ago

i liked the darkness 1 it was different from alot of games, havnt played part two demo yet but ima try it out for sure

SolidGear32351d ago

You gotta get it man. I broke down and paid full price and it was worth. It's shorter than the first but the brilliant armosphere and story telling are still there .. Plus Jenny :)

MWH2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

i'm playing it right now, the game is not bad but so far the Darkness 1 was better,

Play2Win2351d ago

I've just finished darkness 2 on PC. Its a great game with a lots of variety how to kill. Thats really amazing to play with the dark power. And the Art Design is so good. Gore is above everything Ive seen so far. More of such good old games where the gameplay counts.

MWH2351d ago

glad to know. nice id logo btw.

GaMErFoLife882350d ago

it is so awesome i love everything about this game. cant wait for the next on! big thumbs up from me