Dead Space 3: What we want to see

CVG: EA won't officially confirm it, but Dead Space 3 is in development. You know it, we know it, EA knows we all know it, and we all know EA knows we all know it.

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DA_SHREDDER2205d ago

I just want more of the old really. More space exploration would be cool. Visiting new worlds, getting stuck on the moon, something other than being on the same space ship the whole game. Also, the online was pretty cool, but the support for the game sucked. They released new map packs way after everyone beat the game, which btw, was way too short. Not that it was bad, but it really sucked when I felt like the game was gonna end any second. If the game is not gonna be an open world type setting, then they need to pack in more content. I love the series though, love Visceral too. I would love to see what they do if they had more time and resources to make DS3 even bigger and better than past iterations.

MizTv2205d ago

i just love dead space 1and 2 alot. ds2 is my fav game from 2011 and i hope they stay with what works. that said i think they could of done without the mp .it was fun but i dont think it needed it

AusRogo2205d ago

Just put a survival mode in! Yes, not every game needs it, but I can imagine it being pretty intense with necromorphs and have like I boss wave.. The multiplayer was okay but pretty unbalanced.

rezzah2205d ago

Hard mode in 2 was pretty intense.

Especially the parts where ammo was scarce and they releasing Necromorphes on you.

It came to the point where you had to hunt for good items/claws to shoot at their limbs or to knock them down for a couple seconds.

MizTv2205d ago

yes that would be cool and would be fun with co-op but i dont want the sp to suffer because of mp like alot of games now

Ghost2502205d ago

i hope its more like dead space 1, dead space 2 wasn't even scary at all

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The story is too old to be commented.