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"The biggest crime that Final Fantasy XIII-2 commits, though, is its lack of a proper ending, giving us a literal “To be continued…” message before the credits roll. Considering that nothing of relative importance even happens during the approximately 20-hour quest, Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s greatest accomplishment is making you depressingly aware of all the other things you could have been doing instead. The ending is definitely prepping us up for a sequel (or DLC of some kind), but the thought of such a thing is simply exhausting. Honestly, Square Enix’s manpower would be much better devoted elsewhere, perhaps finally finishing development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. But hey, what do I know." Jake Weston, Associate Editor

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Abriael2318d ago

Wonder if you'd have slammed Mass Effect 2 for the same reason. I bet the answer is no.

Very poor review, with poor conclusion and poor score with poor motivations for a very good game.

Pretty much the only right part of it all is the final sentence "hey, what do I know"

The answer is simple: pretty much nothing. And it shows.

iamlegend99992318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Don't mind them, anyone who gives this game a bad review and that there review is late is an idiot.

Knight_Cid2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

True these no name sites are coming out of the woodwork just for hits.

ff 13-2 is a game of the month/year candidate, and quite honestly a great rpg, and a great ff game

'Honestly, Square Enix’s manpower would be much better devoted elsewhere, perhaps finally finishing development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII."

what does this have to do with FF 13-2?

This is why alot of these reviews are nonsense. Because they arent reviews of the game. They are a forum to put a score on all the false perceived slights and bitching and moaning about other things

I doubt he put more than 1 hour into ff 13-2 before writing this garbage

iamtehpwn2318d ago

Agreed. It's really the best FF since X. Everyone I know who's given it a chance with an open mind has loved it.

Wintersun6162318d ago


You mean the best FF since XII, right? That game was awesome IMO. :)

Wintersun6162318d ago

I've clocked in about 50 hours of FF 13-2 and I've had a blast. This game is so much better than FF13 and I think I might even start over after getting a platinum. That wasn't even an option after finishing FF13 and getting tired of trying to get 3 more Trapezohedrons just to get ultimate weapons for all characters, but this game gives you more freedom in character development (though it's still a bit forced to fit certain moulds) AND story progression. Also not forgetting the sidequests, which could've been better but I'm ok with them.

The battle system and character development is improved but the things I dislike the most about it are things that couldn't have been fixed without giving it a complete overhaul. Thus I have a pretty neutral opinion on them, they could've been better but some of the improvements we're enough to raise the bar from disliked to neutral.

It's not the best FF game out there, but it is a lot better game than 13 was and I would rate it somewhere between 8-9.