Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning looks awesome with this FXAA Injector - Vanilla vs FXAA Injector

DSOGaming writes: "Let’s be honest here, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning doesn’t look as good as we’d hoped to. It has blurry textures and looks a bit flat in most occasions. And I’m amazed with the subtle – yet noticeable – improvements that Skyrim’s FXAA Injector brings to the table. The sharpening filter is ideal for all those blurry road textures and the ability to adjust the game’s saturation – and bring it to your own taste – is something that most games should feature as an in-game option. Make no mistake, this FXAA Injector tool is a must-have tool as the game looks so much more vivid with it. Download link and comparison video bellow."

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pandehz2350d ago

Honestly u just lost a lot of the mid tones after applying the fxaa.

Read up on colour correction/grading to get an idea of how much contrast to use and how far to take the highlights, shadows and midtones.

Also the blacks looks so crunchy that they have lost information in them.

ninjahunter2350d ago

Too bad doesnt work well with nvidia optimas.