Alan Wake - Graphical Differences Between the PC and the X360 Settings

DSOGaming writes: "Alan Wake PC is almost upon us, but have you ever wondered what has been changed or tweaked between the PC and the X360 version? Naturally, most of you think that the game’s resolution is the only thing changed. Well, you are wrong. There are some additional juicy differences between these two versions and Remedy’s Markus has revealed them. Shadows, SSAO, Volumetric Lights, GodRay and LOD distance have been either improved or added to the PC, so keep reading to find out what has been changed."

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seanpitt232345d ago

This has about got much chance of coming to ps3 then i have pulling jennifer aniston it just aint gunna happen :(

Kran2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Imagine if it did o.O


Oh i was refering to the Jennifer Aniston comment :)

john22345d ago

doubt it. Remedy has stated that they will not port it to PS3

kevnb2345d ago

at this point its hard to get excited....

mcstorm2345d ago

I thought the 360 version of. Alan Wake looked amazing anyway it was my game of the year in 2010 and i also thought it was one of the best looking game that year too. Now this being said about the pc version it sounds like it will look even better. Anyone who wanted this game and did not have a 360 you should look to pick this game up you wont be disappointed.

busytoad2345d ago

Pc > Xbox 360. Plus Pc doesnt red ring of death on its customers.

smax3172345d ago

lol who could disagree with your comment?

KrystofKage2345d ago

Comparing a 5 year old machine to a constantly evolving, completely customizable machine is like comparing Michael Jordan to that kid who only has one leg.

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