MMORPGs needs to be based on interesting encounters, not high-end content only [MEGamers]

MEG: "Having everything for the end is a thing of the past and MMORPGs need to develop away from its fundamental rules since that will benefit both current MMORPG fans and new prospective newcomers."

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nikrel2323d ago

The answer to this article is easy. DCUniverse Online. The game is flexable, each class can Dps or play a role of 3 to choose from. Tank, Healer, Crowd Control. With a mix of styles to choose from each.

Leveling is easy fast and fun, missions provide a miniature comic book feel. Great cut scenes and a wealth of backstory.
With 3 mentors to choose for each villan or hero giving various missions that are the same with some ones only avaible only to that mentor there is reason to play them all.

Combat is like no other ammo out there deep, fast and engaging. You will have to string combos, block attacks, dodge attacks to survive. There are also 10+ different types of weapons offering a sellection of styles to choose from on top of your hero abilities.

Style there is ton of it, so many types of costume pieces to customize your player into something unique you really feel like no one else. All weapons have different styles as well so its not the same boring thing keep your amazing weapon but just change the look on the fly.

Feats they are like achievements but instead of just adding to your collection each feat is worth a number of points aquire enough feat point to add to your skills to improve your player. This is something amazing no other ammo does and it makes it worthwhile and fun to get feats.

These are just a few reasons why DCU:O is the best ammo on the market. If you own a PS3 or PC now is the time to check it out, it is free and you are not held back from and content in the original game.

I love this game.