PlayStation France Teases Electrifying Reveal

The official France PlayStation Magazine is teasing a mystery reveal in its next issue.

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sinncross2261d ago

I could live with a new IP. MNight be the best time to do so, if its for PS3.

Get a new title out, build a fanbase then a sequel for the PS4 with new IP potential at a later stage.
But Infamous 3 will be cool

r212261d ago

i could see more DLC but a sequel already? i dont see it. how would they even continue with inFamous 3 after the ending for inFamous 2.

iamnsuperman2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

exactly. Both endings for Infamous 2 pretty much concluded the Cole's story. They could go onto another story arc but a sequel all ready?

Mikhail2261d ago

In the eve on what Yoshida said regarding Sony's portfolio, I think they will maintain a good number of core exclusives but keeping into account over-saturation and quality of each game individually.

KiasuKiasiMan2261d ago

inFAMOUS Spin-off for the PSVita. Most likely :O

Ultr2261d ago

uuuh that would be great!

ginsunuva2261d ago

No, I really think inFamous should be done. I2's ending was perfect. We don't want to ruin the story.

Slugg3r2261d ago

It could be sidestory, like alternative timeline about Kessler.

nyobzoo2261d ago

I think it's too soon for Infamous 3, considering part 2 just released last year and we got the festival of blood in October

WildStyles2261d ago

Infamous 2 came out last year. It wouldn't make any sense to reveal 3 this early.

francknara62261d ago

InFamous release: 2009
InFamous 2 announcement: 2010
InFamous 2 release: 2011
InFamous 3 announcement: 2012
InFamous 3 release: 2013

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The story is too old to be commented.