Is 3D technology here to stay?

Tech Radar: Of course, if we're talking PC gaming, then the term 3D is a little confusing. On PC Format, we've been soaking up the 3D gaming groove for nearly two decades, but that's 3D graphics painted onto a 2D screen.

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B1663r2264d ago

No, it is already pretty much dead in theaters. No one is really buying the 3d tvs (See Sony's impending bankruptcy).

So... Nope, this is dead.

Snookies122264d ago

God let's hope 3D isn't here to stay... I mean, sure it's kinda cool for a little bit, but I hate the fact it's spilling into the gaming community. That and motion controls, they do have their place, but I definitely don't want them to take over.

chanmasta2264d ago

Yeah, let's stick to standard gamepads and 2D visuals and only improve graphic quality for years and years.

This is I love people like Richard Branson and companies like Google who actually push forward in the world, for innovation, new technology, new experiences and creativity.

I don't understand why so many people object to progress in the world.

Snookies122264d ago

I didn't say don't innovate... I just don't want something gimmicky to be honest. When it comes to 3D, you need freaking glasses to see it. Yeah, there's the 3DS, which hurts some people's eyes to look at, so that's absolutely no better.

Motion controls do not work well on most games. There are a few exceptions, also it makes you look like an idiot trying to use them.

I am simply saying, don't put something out there until it's done well. Come back with a 3D tv that requires no glasses, and LOOKS good. Come back with motion controls that actually work at least 99% of the time flawlessly and then I'll be on board, but until then, no...

Felinox2264d ago

Many people also "couldnt tell the difference between standard and high def". I and many others who have given 3d a chance think its awsome. Arkham City is sweet. Also dont forget were currently stuck in an obsolet console generation. 3D requires everything to be rendered twice. Wait till you see what next gen can do with 3D.

gnothe12264d ago

do you know that sony tv's fall far behind those of LG, samsung, sharp, an even almost panasonic...that great sony quality just aint what it use to LG now has passive 3D which use the same 3d glasses used in the theater an they cost about 10 dollars a that was actually an extra boost to 3D dead it is not..

Felinox2264d ago

+bubble well said.
Sony constantly overcharging for thier products is what led them to current financial crisis. Why would people pay an extra thousand dollars for the sony tv?

Disccordia2264d ago

Passive 3d is crap for gaming though because you have to halve the resolution. Some games have suffered from it this gen too. Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3 would have been much better graphically if they didn't bother with 3D.

dark-hollow2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Honestly I wish TV companies would shift their focus to better tech instead of wasting time and money on 3d gimmicks.

What about HD amoled/holed displays for an affordable price??
Amoled tech won't get cheap unless all major companies started competing on this field.

I rather take superior contrast.
Black as night black colors.
Vivid colors.
Superior refresh rate and speed which is perfect for gaming.

I would prefer this over 3d gimmicks.

Come on Samsung and LG, you are the biggest oled manufacturers in the world!
Start making 32 inch and above oled displays for the mainstream market.

Arksine2264d ago

You do realize that every major TV manufacturer markets and sells 3D television, right? Its certainly not dead in threaters, 3D movies are the highest grossing.

Sorry to disappoint you, but its not dead. Much like HD, its going to take some time to make major consumer penetration. HDTVs first hit the market in the late 90s, but it took almost 10 years for HD to overtake SD in retail sales.

dark-hollow2264d ago

Don't compare 3d to HD.
Everybody want better display quality but not everybody wants 3D.

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Gish2264d ago

Only if it came in the tv that I already was buying. I would not pay extra for it.

Hufandpuf2264d ago

3D died down A LOT in the past couple of months. It's great to be back to the good ole 2D.

lorianguy2264d ago

Well it is the way forward I guess. I can't see another way of advancement without using this as a stepping-stone.

But as soon as the next big thing comes out, I'm sure this will be dropped pretty quickly in favour of it.

specialguest2264d ago

The problem with 3D tvs is the high cost. In the beginning, you were looking to pay nearly $200 for a pair of glasses. Now it's as low as $49, but that still doesn't help.

The current/next wave of tvs are Smart TVs, which Samsung are rolling out soon.

FragMnTagM2264d ago

What are you talking about? Smart TV's have been around for at least a year now, what do you mean rolling out soon?

specialguest2264d ago

Ok you got me there. My research has let me down. At least I said "current".

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