Top 10 Ho Ho Hoes in Gaming

A very special time of the year when it's all about giving... and these characters are all about the holiday season. See more awesomeness at

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MK_Red3625d ago

Wow, the box game was... disturbing.
Also, Larry FTW! Overall not a bad video (but a little dirty).

DiLeCtioN3625d ago

yh i played larry i will love a next gen game..ps3 version was hilarious.

p.s thanks for tip didnt even know i was using it, and any word on the N4G update this fall eh?

MK_Red3625d ago

Larry next-gen would rule :)

Thanks for using the tip. No news on that so far :(

Bonsai12143625d ago

i laughed really hard at the boxing one. and the line, "no one's face should smell like balls"

FamilyGuy3625d ago

I saw this like two/three days ago, didn't really think it was news worthy though...

ry-guy3624d ago

Yeah... with this site you just submit everything and hope stuff sticks with the masses.

I'm surprised at some of the stuff that gets rejected and some gets passed.

All a matter of timing :(

Charlie26883625d ago

This was F-CKING hilarious XD

Skerj3625d ago

[email protected] Dragon ahh the days when my mom freaked the hell out seeing that chick get gutchecked at the very beginning.

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The story is too old to be commented.