FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition Unboxing

FIFA 12 combines physical collectibles and digital downloads into one unique package for what EA definite as the FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition experience. But how ultimate is it, and has EA done enough to make it a worthwhile collector’s piece?

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thetest2319d ago

Seriously? Ultimate Edition? FIFA? It's bad enough they excrete the same game every year but now there an overpriced ultimate edition.

fluffydelusions2319d ago

Each iteration has new stuff (e.g. impact engine) so not really the same game every year.

lorianguy2319d ago

£40/$60 worth of new stuff though?

Not that I don't enjoy Fifa, but I find it hard for them to improve massively on what's there.

Disccordia2319d ago

This came out.. 5 months ago? Maybe I should do an unboxing for fight night round two.

Berserk2319d ago

This is good I guess for the people that only buy Fifa and Cod every year. Yes I actually know couple of guys, that only play Fifa and Cod.

shadowraiden2319d ago

what an old and pointless news this has been out a long time(saw it when i was preordering my fifa 12 last august)