SFX-360's Gotham City Impostors Review

Russ writes:

"Mix the Batman Universe with guns, wacky gadgets, silly one-liners and a conspicuous absence of Gotham City’s most famous faces (Batman and The Joker), and from that, Gotham City Impostors will arise.

The game focuses on a band of rag-tag wannabes dressed as Batman and The Joker, armed to the teeth with guns and other tools, hell-bent on killing one another in as many varied ways as they can. There is no real story (the single player experience is limited to a lackluster challenge mode and a basic walk-through mode labeled “Initiation”), but the basics are that these two groups are, of course, struggling against one another in a bid to emulate one of the two biggest faces in the lore of Gotham City. Each side plays the same save for appearance, with various gadgets based on each character being mixed into each arsenal based on the players choice."

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