Top Ten Overshadowed Characters (Megabits)

You know that feeling at work when you're performing really well yet one of your peers gets the promotion? Or when you're clearly the best at football but someone else gets picked ahead of you? And how many times has the star of a movie only received Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars?

Well, in another example of art imitating life, it's exactly the same in gaming. Here Megabits looks at the the Top Ten Nearly Men (or Women) In Gaming - those who could have been true greats but were overshadowed by others and are now merely known as sidekicks or extras.

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NukaCola2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Luigi's Mansion is in my top 5 favorite GameCube games so props to the broski Luigi.

BigBoss19642324d ago

Honestly I thought Daxter overshadowed Jak

Angrymorgan2323d ago

Luigi is just a peppermint Mario.......on a diet