Playfront writes: "With PS Vita has Sony indeed delivered again a brilliant piece of hardware that can delight even without the actual purpose of gaming. A stylish design, advanced technology, cool and innovative features."

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egidem2260d ago

When you look at the hardware packed into this device, the quality of games available for it and the amazing price of $249, it makes me wonder how some people keep comparing their smartphones into the same category as a DEDICATED piece of portable gaming hardware like the PS Vita.

Just because you can flick birds across the screen with your $500 iDevice doesn't mean that you're on par with the guy next to you playing Uncharted Golden Abyss on his Vita!

mechanicleman2259d ago

lol and thats the truth those types of people would compare a pair of boots to flip flops because you wear both on your feet... there is no comparison especially the way PS VITA interacts with the PS3 with things like cross game play and picking up saves and taking them on the go.

NukaCola2260d ago

10 Days for me. I probably should of gotten the First Bundle but I am just going to indulge and spend some honest earned tax dollars.

MasterCornholio2260d ago

Great review. And in my opinion the Vita is the handheld with the best hardware design of all time.


Knight_Cid2260d ago

I hate all reviews that insult the psp to make vita look better

the psp had an incredible library, and sold 80 million

so saying anything about it was a debacle. is silly

Waddy1012260d ago

The PSP did sell quite a lot, the games however didn't because of rampant piracy on the handheld.
It was a shame really, i loved my PSP but i can't wait to get my Vita in 10 days

Knight_Cid2260d ago

if the games dont sell alot but alot still come out because the games do make profit

unit sales is irrelevant

core_52259d ago

they means the software piracy problem not the psp himself

smashcrashbash2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Another great review. It is amazing how many of them there are but the negativity hasn't slowed at all. People will not stop for a second and realize how much they are giving you for the price it is. Instead people harp on and on about every little detail like how the camera is not high level or internet browser is not the best ever or the buttons too 'clicky' or it feels light and therefore it seems cheap.Many features of the VITA could have been left out but the fact that it has them is just icing on the cake.

@ Knight_Cid.I agree. That seems to be the norm these days that you can't compliment something without tearing sown something else