GK | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

After Modern Warfare 2, developer Infinity Ward seemed to be in deep trouble. An overly public spat with Activision led to the loss of numerous staff, leaving the studio’s fate in the balance.

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Makasu2169d ago

High praise in the review, but i guess you might be correct, it does have more pedigree than the Battlefield franchise. Good Review!

hellvaguy2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

I liked the game alot. There for sure some nitpicking to be had, like the r/c copter is super lame compared with the r/c car.

The main complaint people seem to have (besides too many CoD's out in a short time) is the camping. I think the next version, they shud put more effort into dealing with this. For example, make it so after 30 sec of being in 1 spot, your guy drops a land mine that covers a decent radius and it well light up. If you go back inside that radius with the next 2-5 min, you guy will blow up.

NoTheMama2169d ago

I like it, but the enemies tend to blend into the background a bit for my poor eyesight! Lol
The campaign was great, the part where Air Force One splits in half & a zero gravity gunfight occurs is brilliant!!