Tim Sweeney D.I.C.E. 2012 Session

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney geeks out on technology and gaming in the next 20 years at D.I.C.E. 2012.

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hardcore19122019d ago

high-end PCs can do this type of visuals already. The Wiiu has no chance if the rumors are true (only twice as powerful as Xbox360).

FrigidDARKNESS2019d ago

We know that but the story is not about hi end pcs . It's about next gen consoles capable of producing hi end graphics. Epic games must know all the all the hardware specs of the next xbox I wish they would share them with us.

torchic2019d ago

and people want a PS4 and Xbox720 in 2012.


inveni02019d ago

Epic may not be showing their interpretation of the literal "next gen". They also have an engine to license, so we have to take their tech demos with a grain of salt. Of course they're going to show things as the best they can be. That doesn't mean that they're saying, "This is what the next generation will bring." They're just saying, "This is what the engine can do if the hardware is there." And that's what I've always thought when watching this demo.

honkyjesus2019d ago

I wish they would, too. The development kits have been out for a while, no doubt Epic was part of the first to have them.

MysticStrummer2019d ago

Personally I'd rather see advances in AI than graphics for the next gen consoles. Resolution gets to be a case of diminishing returns beyond a certain point, and lighting is at a "good enough" stage as it is. Nothing takes me out of a game's world faster than seeing bad AI in action.

denawayne2018d ago

"Personally I'd rather see advances in AI than graphics for the next gen consoles. Resolution gets to be a case of diminishing returns beyond a certain point, and lighting is at a "good enough" stage as it is. Nothing takes me out of a game's world faster than seeing bad AI in action."

I have to agree with this statement. Take a game like Skyrim for example. The AI is just flat horrible.

PLASTICA-MAN2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Well, the PS4 needs to be at least 20 times more powerful than the PS3 to display UE4 in 4k resolution. I hope Sony won't fail us this time.

Anon19742018d ago

Let's not kid ourselves here. The talent and money required to produce this level of visuals in games is beyond most developers. And the ones capable of producing visuals like this, one misfire would probably bankrupt them.

We're already seeing this happen today. Developers taking fewer chances with their games, and developers going under when a decent game sucks dry their entire resource pool only to be ignored by gamers and drive their company off a cliff.

New tools and better hardware might make this level of visuals closer, but it doesn't suddenly slash the man-hours and talent requirements.

As it is now there are few company's who have the talent and resources to push the current gen's hardware. Next gen isn't going to suddenly change gaming overnight.

PLASTICA-MAN2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

darkride66, I totally agree with you. You can have the strongest quantum computer with infinite power, such good graphics won't come by themselves like by magic. Tell those people who did this tech demo to make an entire game with the same level consistency, you will find some places where the game looks like a PS1 game. People here in N4G don't understand that yes a good hardware helps getting those types of graphics, but you need more manpower, more TIME, more money and not only that but also game developers aren't scientists or researchers or software makers, they just don't have enough knwoledge to produce better physics or AI or lighting engines and they need to seek external help from specialized companies like Havoc or Geomerics. You can have infinite power and still produce not jawdropping games whereas you can get marvelous graphics on some decent hardwares thanks to SOME developers' talent and genius coding.

sikbeta2018d ago

Holy S***! X360 *10 = Samaritan


DO IT MS! :)

dcbronco2018d ago

It may take more money and time to develop games that look that way, but it will happen next generation. I disagree with Darkride66. Sony now understands that tools are important. Microsoft always understood that. It takes less time and money to develop a game for the 360 than it does for the PS3 because of the architecture and the tools.

In the next generation developers will most likely be working more powerful versions of the same consoles. On the PS3 it will be an updated Cell with more cores and a new Nvidia GPU. The 360 will be another Power PC chip fused to an ATI GPU. There will be updates to the chips, but the learning curve won't be nearly as steep. Developers are not working with multiple cores for the first time again.

It will be much more expensive if they add additional content. If they use the added power for AI and destruction, it should be more expensive. But not excessively more.

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dredgewalker2019d ago

I don't doubt the Wii U can run this game. The question is how much resolution and effects the game will lose.

kB02019d ago

Clearly you don't know, most people stating that the Wii U is anywhere from 1.5-2x stronger than 360...and the article clearly states:

1080p= 10x Xbox360, 720p= 4.4x Xbox360

Please read before posting.

The Wii just like all Nintendo Consoles since the Gamecube will not be competing for best graphics. It's about the games and the none hard core market.

inveni02019d ago

Honestly, I find it hard to believe that the WiiU is going to look any better than the 360. It's not getting any new releases, just re-releases, and even if it IS more powerful, any new releases will still be built for 360 and PS3 first.

Has anyone even mentioned its power compared to the PS3?

dredgewalker2019d ago

It is only a tech demo at the moment. They have time to refine and optimize it. I doubt any developer would earn money if their games required super computers to run it. I'm not saying that the Wii U will run it in full, I'm saying it can run it with a lot of sacrifices. Clearly you are not being open minded.

Shackdaddy8362019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

@KB0 - Wrong. Wiiu is rumored to be anywhere from 2x x360 to 8x more powerful than the x360 (rumor was 20% less powerful than x720 which was 10x more powerful than the x360).

Honestly people here have no clue how to launch a next gen console. They aren't going to release some super new high tech device that can run games as good as a $1500 high-end computer. No, they're going to release machines that will cost between $350 and $500. That price is NOT 10x more powerful than current gen. If they go anywhere above $500, they lose all but their loyalest fans. That's just horrible business sense...

vulcanproject2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

If WiiU has something akin to a Radeon 4870, a high end RV770 as purported, then that = around 4-5 times faster than 360 in raw performance. As stated on Epic's slide 360's GPU performance is 0.25Tflops, 4870 is officially 1.2Tflops.

However the other rumours state it is 'only' about twice as fast as 360, which suggests something closer to a 4670 level GPU. 4670 is officially 0.48Tflops.

So by Epic's own calculations of an optimised versions of the Samaritan demo, an RV770 equipped WiiU could run this at a HD res, 720p.

Anything less means sub HD, only 2x performance means forget it totally.....

stragomccloud2018d ago

I agree, if anything it'll be able to run the game at the same resolution as the console Call of Duty games. Regardless, I'm not worried.

Arnon2018d ago

I guess most people didn't realize that the HD Zelda trailer shown for the Wii U was running in-engine.

Pretty sure the Wii U will be able to stand on it's own.

BitbyDeath2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@shackdaddy, when you buy things in bulk they become cheaper. You may find your $1500 high end PC or higher could be possible in a 200-400 machine.

Just think at the time when Sony first put Blu-ray into the PS3 it was costing over $1000 in stores and that's without mentioning any other hardware components.

yabhero2018d ago

Well if you look up the rumored WiiU specs (4870 and a power CPU power7 3-3.5 GHZ) that places about 5 times more powerful than PS3 ( which is a little stronger than 360) so the WiiU should be able to run this at 720p as should the xbox 720 according to IGN

dcbronco2018d ago

Shackdaddy836, actually you need to study a little more yourself. Console makers own their chips. They can take them to who ever is willing to make them the cheapest. IBM or ATI might help make them based on their parts, but they are modified using MS or Sony money.

The 360 cost $526 per console to manufacture when it launched. After die shrinks, fusing the GPU and CPU, moving manufacturing from place to place and other improvements the cost of making a 360 is much cheaper. Industry experts believe it is surely less than $150 and maybe even under $100. Another die shrink and it has to be under $100.

The new consoles will have parts that are upgraded versions of the current parts. That will be cheap. And there is a huge difference between the parts from 2004 and the parts now. Price and power. Computer parts have gotten a lot more powerful and a lot cheaper.

Dee_912018d ago

WII U is not a next gen console.
Didnt Satura say that awhile back?

DeadlyFire2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Even if the WiiU had the 4890 in it. It's GPU would only have half the power of what I am expecting from next Xbox and Next PS GPUs.

I am estimating that next gen. PS4, X720 GPUs are aiming for something with 21-26+ GPixels with a TDP around 100-150+. Still aiming around 1.2 Tflops though. Current gen has around 4.x GPixel GPUs in the PS3/X360. The most Gpixels the WiiU could have in the R700 series is 13.6 unless they have 4850x2 or 4870x2 which are powerhouse + heat. Not likely in the console.

WiiU probably will run Unreal Engine 4.0, but likely on a lower resolution or with a little less. hmm...1024x768 possible I believe maybe? I know 720 is 1200x720.

Either way. Nintendo has admitted that WiiU will not be an equal to Xbox 720/PS4. From what I have read.

Either way I expect graphics to be possibly around 2-3 times better than PS3/X360 graphics. Which are high enough quality to make a console platform last I believe as many claim this gen has many years left in it. Nintendo grabbing in third party developers as well will bring life into their console cycle. As most of what was missing with the Wii was recognizable multiplatform titles that we all love.

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Optical_Matrix2019d ago

No one cares. The gameplay alone of the next Mario game alone, which will be HD and look better than any PS3 or Xbox 360 game, will have better gameplay than anything Epic will ever release in their company's life time.

xAlmostPro2019d ago

No offence but i doubt mario will ever look as good as some high end ps3/360 games.

Unless the completely change the whole art style, it wouldn't feel or play like mario if it had crazy graphics. My thinking anyway.

BlmThug2019d ago

The same Mario that hasnt changed its gameplay since it started and has the same storyline? You are very disillusioned

SuperK2019d ago

@Opticalmatrix. A high end 1080p facepalm for your comment comming up.

Play2Win2019d ago

But this must be a very expensive PC. You need more like 2 or 3 really fast GPUs and a strong CPU to run such visuals smooth.

Even the next Xbox wont be able to pull out such visuals in true 1080p. But it's just a Tech-Demo.

dedicatedtogamers2019d ago

EPIC said that - with optimization - they could run Samaritan on about 1/3rd the specs of the original demo. So, I don't think we'll need insane specs on the next gen of consoles to make this work.

Angels37852019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

To be fair the demo if I remember correctly was running on THREE gtx 580s in SLI and one of the highest end Intel CPU's on the market today and god knows how much RAM (google it and you'll see). So lets do some math on your statement. 3 GTX 580s divided by three gives you ONE gtx 580 and lets cut down the CPU and RAM. Assuming that this CPU was HIgh end (it would have to be to run all those cards) like Epic has said lets go with something in the middle like an Intel i7 980x CPU (not too high not too low to be fair because we don't know) and lets assume we are using 16 gb RAM on this system (again they probably used more, but lets keep this somewhere in the middle). So after dividing it down you'll end up with a system that is something like this: 1 gtx 580, maybe an intel i5 processor, and 4gb of RAM. That is a type of computer that most PC gamers today don't even have!! Why would they put that in a console that takes years of R&D to make? it would cost roughly 600 bucks for just those three parts!!!!! Not including the disk drive, casing, motherboard, power supply and hard drive. Not to mention the fact that companies like Sony/Microsoft mark up the prices to high hell so in the end if they went cheap on the rest of the parts (which would kill you on hard drive because games are just getting bigger) you'd still end up with a system that costs 1000+ just for the parts without a markup and it would be deeply flawed as the cheap parts wouldn't be good for the high end parts used, creating a bottleneck. So if a system that did launch with specs 1/3 of what the demo used it would be 1) Unreliable/ deeply flawed 2) astronomically expensive and 3) not worth the price. I say not worth the price because when ever a developer says "Oh we can optimize it" do you really think no visual quality will be sacrificed? This game will probably be SEVERELY toned down and not look even close to the demo. So back to your statement the specs may not be as insane as they initially were, but they are still considered high end by todays standards. Plus with rumors of microsoft using the AMD 66xx series which is nowhere near 1/3 the specs of the system (its probably 1/20 what 3 gtx 580s are capable of) it doesn't look like the Samaritan game is coming in its real form unless its played on a PC.