Jak and Daxter HD Collection for the PS3 – Review (COIN-OP TV)

Sony has done an excellent job in taking classic PlayStation 2 titles and re-mastering them for the PlayStation 3. We’ve already been treated to a handful of gems like Ico, Sly Cooper and God of War – all franchises that made the PS2 a consistent best seller for years but neither of those licenses had the ‘woulda shoulda’ vibe to it like the Jak and Daxter games. Naughty Dog came out of the gate with the first game called Jak and Daxter The Precusor Legacy – it had a silent hero full of platforming prowess in Jak, a witty wise-cracking side-kick in Daxter and a world full of non-playable characters straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon!

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Ilovetheps42079d ago

I love the Jak series. I wish I had the money to buy it right now. As soon as I get the money, I will buy it and play it. That will most likely be Spring Break though.