Lucy Prebble: 'Gaming is an artform just like theatre'- The Guardian

Enron playwright Lucy Prebble became hooked on computer games as a child. And, she says, they are as well crafted as works for film, TV or the stage

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360GamerFG2172d ago

Film and TV yes, stage, not so much

DarkSymbiote2172d ago

Gaming is an art. Games like FF, MGS, Mass Effect, etc. prove this. It's a shame artistic quality in games has gone down. But I blame the publishers. Related image:

DanyBrown2172d ago

"...serious gamers agree that by far the best new game of the past few years is Portal 2..."
good to see this game get recognition for what it is, pure genius.Very underrated and undersold game in my opinion.

Makasu2172d ago

Thanks for submitting this, more people should read this

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