NVIDIA Kepler GK104 GeForce GTX680 Architecture Pictured – Specifications Detailed

Nvidia’s 28nm Kepler GPU architecture along with possible specifications of the GeForce GTX 600 series has been detailed and pictured by BrightSideofNews. Another set of details were exposed yesterday which showed that Kepler would feature 1536 stream processors, No-Hotclocks and a 256-bit memory controller on the GK104 chip.

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gamernova2320d ago

Can't wait. I have been looking for something to feed to my new cosmos II case.

Cablephish2319d ago

Seriously?! I've been ogling that case. Just saw a review of it, and it's a really great looking case.

Did you load the case? Like bells and whistles, watercooling, dancing LEDs?

gamernova2319d ago

Not yet. It's my first build so all I did was rip out what my OEM HP desktop has and put it inside. I am waiting for ivy bridge for a new mobo and processor and I am waiting until april for the new Nvidia graphics cards come out. If the rumors are true that they stomp on AMD then I am getting their card and by June it should all be completed. The case is amazing though; you can control all leds with a push of a button! :)

Cablephish2319d ago

Yeah sweet man. I recently built my first computer, was a blast. Not quite top of the line but I got some good parts for greate prices.

Anyway good luck with your future PC build. :)

NYC_Gamer2320d ago

i'll be doing a 670/ivy bridge build

2320d ago