Is World of Warcraft Headed to Its Grave?

Player declines have been reduced, but Activision is facing a harsh reality that its beloved MMORPG is headed to its grave.

To most young consumers, Activision is known for publishing the most successful first-person shooter franchise in the history of gaming: Call of Duty. With more than 20 million units sold annually, Call of Duty is the kind of cash cow Activision loves to produce. On a yearly basis, the franchise is worth more than $1 billion.

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CrimsonEngage2259d ago

Just make WOW 2. You are good for another 9 years.

Spydiggity2259d ago

Well, they are workin on another MMO. And, since it's taken every other MMORPG developer 7 years to try and catch up and they still fail, even a slight innovation will likely explode in popularity.

Solid_Snake372259d ago

Blizzard just released WoW officially in Brazil. And it just exploded! Everyone is playing wow now.

Spinal2259d ago

With 10mil plus subs i think not. Add every paid sub mmo together an they still wont reach WoW numbers. And people forget they have a new expansion this year that brings a whole new class. So subs will fly up. I certainly will be quittin swtor even before that xpac.

Tanir2259d ago

Wow sux. People play wow out of habit. they dont even enjoy it anymore. so many better and free mmos out there graphic and gameplay wise, only thing is WOW beats everything on content because its ancient.

I'd much rather play Vindictus, C9, Dragons nest for free.

I will pay for TERA tho, atleast it looks unique and gorgeous

FlashXIII2259d ago

I think it will slowly continue to decline.. seems like with every expansion blizz is dumbing it down, even crack addicts have to wake up and smell the coffee one day.

T9002259d ago

Its been dumbed too far for my taste. I dont think i would ever consider returning to it. I played it for like 4 years.

Nodoze2259d ago

What will Activision do when it's golden cherub is no longer able to bring in the revenue? They all but count on this money (and it is ALOT of money) to fund other projects (like Call of Duty 28, 29, 30 and perhaps a resurgence of Guitar Hero 99, 100).

I enjoyed WoW for a few years but it got stale LONG ago.

Is it time for World of Starcraft??

Mikhail2259d ago

I'll be pissed if they made World of Starcraft. They already ruin the lore of Warcraft....

STK0262259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

To be fair, I believe Call of Duty can finance itself. And since it has long been rumored that Blizzard is working on another MMO, it will likely land when WoW becomes irrelevant, and will likely grab a huge market share, giving activision a few more years of MMO domination. Also something people seem to forget is just how Activision has managed to create a huge money making IP with Spyro by targeting children. Not only that, but with D3 and Starcraft 2 HotS coming pretty soon, as well as a possible Wc4 announcement, I'd say activision can live for a few more years.

@mikhail, I agree that a MMO could ruinthe SC lore, but with the possible cancelation of WH40K DMO, I really want a SC MMO, since I've always wanted a MMO set in a grim universe with space marines.

h311rais3r2259d ago

Yea activision could survive off cod. It only costs 10 bux to develop a year :p

demonicale2259d ago

I think the game will be around in 5 years time, but at a reduced subscription base.

I use to play the game, and honestly think it's brilliant.I can't say i'm a fan of the new expansion they plan to release though.

Alittle too kiddy for my taste if i'm honest

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