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Submitted by dk_2kx 2977d ago | article

Best Of 2007 Entertainment - This Year top 5 Games

In this full year of the "Next Generation," Gamers have seen Some of the finest and most innovative video games in recent memory, presenting the 5 best of 2007. (Culture, PC, PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Jack T  +   2977d ago
No PS3 exclusives. Never mind fanboys, wipe those tears away.
CaliGamer  +   2977d ago
you actually went and found a picture of jack trenton to make an account with the sole purpose of mocking everything that is Sony. How wonderfully sad, you are truly a clear representation of the underbelly of this site. You should really think about getting a life.

And before any smart a$$ points out, I know people like this fool are on both "sides", so this goes for them too.
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Fisher339  +   2977d ago
who cares?
I got a ps3 and got the games i want, Cod4, Ratchet, and Warhawk.
caffman  +   2976d ago
So what about Bill Gates?
D1rty_k  +   2977d ago
Every list top 5, 10, 20 etc... are made by one person, the 1 who writes the article, and as u have seen everybody have their own and different point of view, remember every mind is a different world.
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Daishi  +   2977d ago
I believe those are the top selling games of the year, so it's a little less biased.
Milkman541  +   2977d ago
Rock Band? I dk about that...Call of Duty and Bioshock...Good Call...I would say both kick Halo in the nuts...but oh well..
RecSpec  +   2977d ago
Isn't it funny how 360 fans tend to pay more attention
to PS3 exclusives than PS3 owners?
AAACE5  +   2977d ago
Not exactly...
Ps3 fans usually attack any 360 exclusive, and compare it to something for ps3 that is currently out, or will come out in the future!

Since I got on this site, that's the trend I have seen.

Every time there is some ps3 fanboy saying, "Oh that game is horrible, they should have just made it ps3 exclusive!" or something like that. So in turn... 360 fans see this as a time to strike back at the fanboys! In all reality, they probably don't really cane about what the topic really is... but they see it as a way to try to stop the "Sony Defense Force" from downing anything that is not affiliated with Sony!

Or they could just be 360 fanboys, I don't know!
Tryst  +   2976d ago
I aint no fan boy, but wasn't CoD4 and Rockband multi-platoform titles?

Why are they showing them as 360's. Again, I think this site/person as a little incling to the darkside.
Highwayman  +   2976d ago
haha they out Halo3 up there. Where's Mass Effect.
caffman  +   2976d ago
If its to do with sales
there is NO WAY you can deny Halo 3 being in there. Also, as for the pictures being of 360 versions of the multis, didn't the 360 versions sell more copies?
jinn  +   2976d ago

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